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People on TikTok are putting vodka into hand sanitiser and it’s the most genius idea ever

Defo doing this the next time I head to the pub

The pubs have finally reopened and we can all go back to our main hobby – day drinking. However after a year of pouring your own measures and only spending £7 on a bottle of wine, it’s been a massive shock to the system to go back to paying £8 for a single weak drink. And now people on TikTok are coming up with a sneaky way to get more booze into their pub drinks, by putting vodka into their empty hand sanitiser bottles.

All over TikTok people are showing videos of them filling up empty hand sanitiser bottles with vodka. They’re then taking them to the pub and pretending to put it on their hands before dropping some into their drinks.

@natalieboyd_xxNobody is gonna know 🤫 ##handsanitizer ##vokdka ##switchitup ##barhack ##moneysaving 😂 bring on the Karens 😂 ##itsajoke 🥵♬ Sunshine (The Light) – Fat Joe & Dj Khaled & Amorphous

People are mainly using the audio of “nobody’s gonna know” when they film themselves pouring in their vodka. They often pour it into pitchers of cocktails and only the odd few people have recorded themselves actually getting caught.

Some truly brave individuals are just shooting straight vodka from the hand sanitiser into each other’s mouths.

@holliemaebutlerVodka hand sanitizer♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

TikTok has shown us some truly incredible hacks like how to make the speaker on your phone louder or how to get a free drink from a vending machine, but I think this one is the elite.

All you need to do now is head to the pub, order a coke, slip in some of your vodka and then boom you’ve got a vodka coke for half the price. Just make sure you check the hand sanitiser bottle is actually clean before you put the vodka in. No one wants their night to end up in a trip to the hospital.

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