sections of a joint meme

These 31 ‘sections of’ memes are so painfully relatable it’s like I made them myself

Every single one speaks to my soul

The latest meme format taking over Twitter is painfully relatable and is all thanks to a joint, perfectly timed for 4/20. The sections of a joint meme began a week or so ago and has quickly jumped from summing up the stages of smoking a joint to the stages of writing an essay or drinking a bottle of red wine.

According to Know Your Meme the first sections of a joint meme was posted on Twitter on 15th April by user @jzux. They tweeted a picture of a joint and added two black dividing lines above it. The majority of the joint labelling said “all my friends hate me they think i’m annoying and weird and i’ll never be loved unconditionally” and the smaller section was labelled “a demon is coming to kill me.”

The tweet quickly gained traction and likes for summing up many people’s feelings who smoke. And for those who don’t smoke the meme format can still be applied with people using it show how they feel about certain apps, movies and beverages. An overwhelming favourite appears to be the stages you go through when drinking a bottle of wine. It starts off great but by the end of the bottle you’re crying and texting your ex. Sad but true.

These are the 31 funniest sections of a joint meme on Twitter right now:

1. Why is writing so hard?

2. This movie deserved an Oscar

3. I love Greggs

4. The three stages of red wine

5. Thanks for doing this to me Harry

6. You get a reply, you get a like, you get a ‘yassss’ comment

7. What would we do without Spotify?

8. Gotta love those coffee shakes

9. The Notes app holds my deepest secrets

10. Sadly, this is incredibly accurate

11. Quite simply

12. Note to self – remember you’re lactose intolerant

13. The longest 15 minutes of my life

14. Get ready to hear my depression woes

15. Hhaha influencers are so good for my self esteem

16. Someone call 999

17. And repeat

18. I spent £30 on one pizza??

19. This album destroyed me

20. Never underestimate those 13 per cent wines

21. This show was an awakening

22. Too accurate

23. Yes I’m Gossip Girl

24. Lol

25. So worth the time and money

26. Sounds about right

27. So much chaos on this little bird app

28. A three step process

29. Water never disappoints

30. Still not over it

31. What a show

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