The government cares more about football than students and I’ve had enough

Private housing has been failing students for years but no one cares


I have no doubt you have watched Football Twitter cry over the proposed Super League the last few days. I’ll spare you the run down of what happened. But what we need to talk about is how the UK government, who have failed to challenge landlords and unis into giving tuition refunds, made it their actual mission to sort out football from these private companies, showing they care more about sport than their own young people.

There has been a distinct lack of urgency from the government to challenge private landlords and universities, but when it comes to football the Prime Minister seems to go to extraordinary lengths to protect it. How does this add up? Boris Johnson was so quick to condemn this move but uni students have been asking for help with their housing contracts for over a year now. Private student housing has been failing students for years and the government are still refusing to step in and help us.

Despite the new return date to campus, students living in private accommodation are continuing to be failed. Thousands of us feel trapped in our living situations and a lot of us are first-time renters but we’re still not getting any support. Why does Football Twitter get immediate attention whilst we are continuously palmed off? It’s not fair.

Students from all over the UK are struggling to pay rent and negotiate our contracts. We have been totally left in the dark and the only suggestion being made to us is to contact our MP directly. An automated response from my MP doesn’t mean anything – it is useless.

Nearly £1 billion for unused accommodation was paid by students this year and only six per cent of students who have a private landlord received a refund. But please, don’t let Manchester City leave the Premier League – the team makes so much money and all the big sweaty football men on Twitter will get angry! Boo!

Students have been exploited and ignored throughout this pandemic. The government have ruined the lives of young people and no matter how hard we shout about it, they don’t seem to care. As long as we are giving them money, they don’t give a shit if we’re paying thousands of pounds to live in a room we’re not legally allowed to be in. We are seen as cash cows, but people getting pressed over their football team leaving deserves all the attention the government has to offer. Students are so tired of being treated so badly – the government has to step up and give more support.

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