Where is Belinda Lane from Netflix documentary Why Did You Kill Me now?

She hasn’t stopped tracking down criminals on social media


You might have heard of web sleuths before, or people on the internet who tirelessly research theories and crime cases and are sure they know all the answers. But for Belinda Lane, the case she was investigating was much more close to home.

The story of Belinda and her family is explored in new Netflix true crime documentary “Why Did You Kill Me?”. Belinda’s 24-year-old daughter, Crystal Theobald, was killed by gang members in 2006. With the help of Crystal’s cousin, Jaimie McIntyre, Belinda then set up fake MySpace profiles and reached out to those they thought were involved.

10 years later, the final suspect was arrested. So where is Belinda Lane now and what has she been up to since?

Crystal Theobald, Belinda Lane, Why Did You Kill Me, Netflix

Crystal and Belinda, via Netflix

Belinda Lane is the mother of Crystal Theobald, who was killed in 2006

Belinda Lane is the mother of Crystal Theobald. Belinda had four children all together, three sons and then along came her youngest, daughter Crystal, who she describes as her “pride and joy”. The family lived together in Riverside, California.

Belinda Lane, family, sons, daughter, Crystal Theobald, Why Did You Kill Me, Netflix

Belinda and her children, via Netflix

Belinda opened up in the documentary about struggling with drugs. She said her and friends would casually use drugs as well as using them to deal with the daily stress of working multiple jobs and looking after children. Belinda has been in trouble with police a few times due to drug use and selling drugs.

Crystal Theobald was killed on February 24th 2006, when she was 24. She was in the car with her boyfriend and her brother, Justin Theobald. Crystal’s boyfriend was driving, and her mother, Belinda Lane, was in another car just ahead of them. Crystal was shot by gang members who believed the car she was in was being driven by a rival gang.

After her death, Crystal’s mother Belinda started using social networking site MySpace to investigate the people she believed were responsible. Crystal’s cousin set up the accounts and ran them at first, but after finding it too much Belinda took over. Belinda took a very different approach, and was threatening gang members and straight-up asking them about their involvement in Crystal’s death.

Belinda Lane, Why Did You Kill Me, Netflix, now, true crime, documentary

via Netflix

Some say she took it too far, and on one occasion Belinda aimed to lure all the gang members to a set up “party” so she could shoot them herself. Her family persuaded her otherwise, and Belinda gave the MySpace profiles, messages and information she had found to the police.

At the time, Riverside Police Lt. Christian Dinco told The Washington Post: “She [Belinda] was very instrumental, working on social media to help us identify where he [the final suspect] might be. She provided important information that helped lead us to the capture of William Sotelo. Without her help, he would likely still be outstanding right now.”

What is Belinda Lane up to now?

Belinda Lane, Why Did You Kill Me, Netflix, now, true crime, documentary

via Netflix

From the Netflix documentary, we learn that Belinda Lane has been clean from drugs since the day her daughter was killed. She had previously admitted to using meth and selling drugs in the past, saying she was responsible for “a lot” of drugs ending up on the streets.

Belinda now runs a Facebook page called “Unsolved murders in Riverside” where she shares information about cold cases in the area, in a bid to help people get justice. The page says it was set up in memory of Crystal Theobald, and has an aim of “bringing awareness to Riverside Ca. for homicide victims seeking justice.”

She shares a lot of articles about Crystal’s case, and has also shared that she lost her brother, Kendall Lane, in another homicide. “Kendall Lane is another unsolved murder from San Bernardino, he is my brother, a good man loved and cherished his children to the fullest and a punk from a damn gang he was the innocent bystander and no one came forward no one talked to police. This happened October 9, 2008, he died October 10, 2008. If anyone knows about this…I pray justice one day happens for Kendall Lane”, she posted.

Other than that, it looks like Belinda has chosen to keep her life very private but the Facebook page is still active today.

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