Why Did You Kill Me: Here’s what Crystal Theobald’s cousin Jaimie is up to now

She was the one who first set up the MySpace accounts to find who killed Crystal

Netflix has released a true crime documentary, called Why Did You Kill Me, about the death of Crystal Theobald and how her cousin Jaimie and mother Belinda took to MySpace to find those who were responsible.

In 2006, Crystal was killed by gang members in a tragic case of mistaken identity. Crystal was in the car, when members of a local gang mistook the car she was in as being driven by rival gang members. At around 8:40pm that night, the car which Crystal was in was shot at multiple times. Crystal had been shot in the head and was rushed to hospital. She died two days later.

Jaimie McIntyre, Why Did You Kill Me, Netflix, Crystal Theobald, cousin

Jaimie and Crystal, via Netflix

Jaimie and Crystal’s mother, Belinda Lane, were noted by police as being “instrumental” in getting justice for Crystal, after they set up the fake accounts on MySpace. Shortly after Crystal’s death, Crystal’s brother Nick told Jaimie he believed the murder was gang related, and that those responsible all had MySpace profiles.

After this Jaimie set up two profiles – one under the name “Rebecca” and one under the name “Angel”, which used a picture of Crystal. On these accounts, Jaimie chatted to the gang members and tried to get information from them. One suspect, William “Jokes” Sotelo, fell for Angel, and ended up telling her he loved her and later disclosed that he owned a white Ford Expedition – which was the car which the shooter got out of.

When running the accounts got a bit too much, Jaimie handed over the profiles to Crystal’s mother, Belinda Lane.

Angel, MySpace, profile, Jaimie McIntyre, Why Did You Kill Me, Netflix

via Netflix

What is Crystal’s cousin Jaimie up to now, after Why Did You Kill Me on Netflix?

Jaimie Briana McIntyre was 23 when Why Did You Kill Me was filmed, so will be in her mid to late 20s now. It looks as though it was filmed around four to five years ago – given that at the end the film it states William “Jokes” Soleto had just been arrested, and this was in 2016.

Jaimie McIntyre, Why Did You Kill Me, Netflix

via Netflix

Now, Jaimie has a family of her own. According to her Facebook account she is a full time mother and is also a full time student. Jaimie has two children, a boy and a girl. On Instagram, she describes her little boy, Ronin, as “curious and rambunctious” and her little girl, Mary Jane, as a “princess”.

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