Who is Ali Tabrizi? The 27-year-old filmmaker behind Seaspiracy on Netflix

He taught himself filmmaking


Netflix has just released a new documentary called Seaspiracy. The film exposes many dark secrets about the corrupt and widely unknown darkness of the fishing industry and the effects it is having on people and the environment. The film is fronted and created by Ali Tabrizi, who before now you may have never heard of.

But now, after the shocking documentary which makes claims you’re probably not going to forget in a rush, you might want to know a little more about the guy who’s putting the spotlight on what’s really happening in the fishing industry.

Here is everything you need to know about the man behind the documentary.

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Ali Tabrizi is the 27-year-old filmmaker who created shocking Netflix documentary Seaspiracy

Filmmaker Ali Tabrizi was born in October 1993, so is 27-years-old now. He’s from south east England and became passionate about marine life and the environment as a child. His mother creates vegan cakes as a hobby, beside her job working for the NHS.

According to The Focus News, Ali was accepted to London College of Communication to study photojournalism, but he turned it down and opted to teach himself filmmaking instead. He had become interested in cameras and pursuing a career in that aspect of journalism.

Ali married Lucy Manning on June 25th 2019 and they have a young son together. Ali announced the baby news on Instagram, saying that his wife was due in 2020. He’s now updated his bio to say he is a “husband and new dad”. Lucy is from Australia and studied accounting, architecture, and law before turning to filmmaking.

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via Instagram @iamalitabrizi

Now, Ali and his wife Lucy Tabrizi work together. They founded Disrupt Studios, which is the company through which they distribute their documentaries and a podcast about the environment. On LinkedIn, Ali Tabrizi is listed as a documentary filmmaker for Netflix and his own companies.

As he was creating Seaspiracy, Ali says he had no idea what he was going to uncover when he started to make a documentary about marine life. He explains more about, as a child, having an interest in sea animals and where he began to care deeply about that aspect of the environment, regularly attending beach cleans and trying to do his bit against plastics. At first he wanted to create a film about plastics and pollution and the effect these were having on the world’s oceans.

Next thing, he’s filming mass killings of dolphins and whales, sharks having their fins removed and fisherman claiming to have been forced to work as slaves and watching bodies being thrown overboard. The documentary makes some shocking accusations against the commercial industry, including corruption, lies, slavery and forced labour and even murder. It also makes some shocking claims against the fish you might think nothing of when you pick it up in the supermarket, and now viewers are saying they will never eat fish again. 

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via Instagram @iamalitabrizi

If you take a look on Ali’s Instagram page, he’s shared a few photos of filming and the people interviewed for the documentary. It looks like Seaspiracy was filmed around 2017.

Seaspiracy is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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