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These are the influencers making thousands from their home Instagram accounts

Ferne McCann, Charlotte Crosby and Kady McDermott are making dollar from their grey sofas

Reality stars and influencers already make thousands from their Instagram accounts and now some are able to make even more from their grey sofa interiors by setting up home Instagram accounts.

Many influencers like Olivia Bowen, Billie Shepherd and Lucy Mecklenburgh have created second Instagram accounts dedicated to the renovations of their massive mansions. There’s before and after pictures, plenty of pampas grass and of course a few adverts.

A number of them are able to make anything between £600 t0 £3,000 per sponsored post on their home Instagram accounts thanks to a high number of followers.

Insurance company Go Compare calculated the reality stars making the most money from their home accounts and here are the top 10:

10. Lydia Bright

via Instagram @lydiabrightshome

Earning per post: £644

Total earnings: £38,667

TOWIE’s Lydia Bright set up her home account in 2019 when she bought her house. She regularly posts close up shots of her house and the new interior products she’s added to her house, with her daughter Loretta’s bedroom being a regular feature.

Though she’s at number 10 on the list Lydia has been doing plenty of sponsored home posts, including working with George at Asda and Baylis and Harding.

9. Ferne McCann

via Instagram @fernemccannhome

Earning per post: £718

Total earnings: £43,120

Another ex TOWIE star is making some decent money from their home account. Ferne McCann can make over £700 for a single post on her home account

Ferne set up the interiors account in late 2019 and has over 150,000 followers. She regularly posts room tours including photos of her walk in wardrobe and her daughter Sunday’s bedroom.

8. Kady McDermott

via Instagram @ourbungalowproject

Earning per post: £800

Total earnings: £48,007

Kady McDermott and her boyfriend Miles Barnett from TOWIE set up their home account to document the renovation on the bungalow they bought.

The account was set up in early 2019 and they regularly post updates of the house and their interior inspiration. Recently they’ve been posting boujie pictures of the house but in the beginning there were a lot of videos of the house being demolished and rebuilt.

7. Chloe Ferry

via Instagram @ferryhomely

Earning per post: £811

Total earnings: £48,661

Unlike the other home accounts Chloe Ferry’s account is more about selling homeware products than showcasing her actual home.

But she can still earn over £800 on the page thanks to nearly 200,000 followers liking her bath board and wax melt pictures.

6. Rochelle Humes

via Instagram @homehumes

Earning per post: £843

Total earnings: £50,632

Rochelle Humes’ house is definitely not a typical influencer home, there’s not a grey velvet bed in sight. Rochelle set up the home account in lockdown last year and regularly posts photos of her home including close up bathroom details and cool boob vases.

Though she doesn’t appear to have done any sponsored posts she can earn over £800 for a single ad on the page.

5. Lucy Mecklenburgh

via Instagram @lucymeckinteriors

Earning per post: £914

Total earnings: £54,849

Ex TOWIE’s Lucy Mecklenburgh set up her interiors dedicated Instagram account in 2019 and since then has been sharing a number of before and after photos of her home.

The Instagram account also regularly features shots of her son Roman’s room and she does the occasional sponsored post which she can earn over £900 for.

4. Charlotte Crosby

via Instagram @thecrosbymanor

Earning per post: £1,066

Total earnings: £63,971

Charlotte Crosby set up her home account late last year and has already got over 250,000 followers, which means she can get earn over £1,000 for a single post on the page.

Her Instagram account is full of boujie interior shots that show off her massive home as well as including pieces from her own homeware brand Naked Lane.

3. Georgia Kousoulou

via Instagram @georgiakhome

Earning per post: £1,200

Total earnings: £72,000

TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou set up her interiors account in late 2019 and has been documenting the renovation to her and Tommy Mallet’s house.

Georgia shares plenty of before and after videos and pictures to her 325,000 followers.

2. Billie and Greg Shepherd

via Instagram @homewiththesheps

Earning per post: £1,700

Total earnings: £102,000

Billie and Greg Shepherd from TOWIE set up their home account in lockdown last year to document the renovation process to their new house.

Though they haven’t posted much on the account so far, they could still earn over £1,000 for a single advert on the account.

1. Olivia and Alex Bowen

via Instagram @thebowenhome

Earning per post: £2,800

Total earnings: £168,000

Everyone’s favourite Love Island couple Olivia and Alex Bowen set up their home account last year and already have over 650,000 followers.

Olivia and Alex regularly posts pictures of their massive home and can charge nearly £3,000 for a single post. The couple have done occasional sponsored posts and offered their followers giveaways and discount codes.

Featured image credits via Instagram @thebowenhome, @oliviadbowen

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