All the clues and theories you missed in last night’s Line of Duty

Well now I’m going to have watch it all again

Our favourite police drama started back last night. And it turns out the first episode of Line of Duty season six was filled with clues which have already created a wild range of theories of what’s going to happen next.

Just why did the camera hover over the photo in new officer Joanne Davidson’s flat so much? And did you recognise Terry Boyle and spot the printing shop from previous episodes?

Here’s a rundown of some of the little clues and nods you might of missed in the first episode of Line of Duty season six last night, and the theories of what they might mean.

The photograph in Joanne Davidson’s flat

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Joanne Davidson clearly told Farida she didn’t have a family, and the camera later hovered for a suspicious amount of time over what looked like a family photograph of Joanne and perhaps her mother. People have spotted that the woman in the picture looks a looooot like John Corbett’s mother. John being the copper who went undercover in the OCG so far we thought he wasn’t bent anymore and was an outright gang member, but then got his throat slashed. Perhaps this is why she’s so quiet about her family? Is Joanne John Corbett’s sister?

Kingsgate Printing Services

Kingsgate Printing Services

via BBC

In a little nod to previous seasons, Kate Fleming visits Terry Boyle’s flat, which is located opposite Kingsgate Printing Services. The shop looks legit from the front, but it works as a front for the OCG for their meetings and offices. It was raided in the last season.

Terry Boyle

Line of Duty, season six, episode one, clues, theories, BBC, easter eggs, Terry Boyle

via BBC

Did you think you recognised suspect Terry Boyle? That’s because it’s definitely not the first time you’ve seen him on the show. He’s got links to Ryan Pilkington, the OCG member we saw being trained up to join the police at the end of season five. Ryan has exploited Terry before, claiming to be his best friend whilst using and abusing him for the benefit of the OCG.

We first met Terry in season one, where gang members visited his house, violently attacked him, took food from him and urinated in his plants. The gang then brought the body parts of Jackie Laverty to Boyle’s flat and stored them in his fridge freezer (exactly the same one as they were talking about in the new episode as being missing).

Line of Duty, season six, episode one, clues, theories, BBC, easter eggs, Terry Boyle, season one, series

Terry in season one, via BBC

Terry was then reintroduced in season five, having moved to a flat right opposite Kingsgate Printing (it all makes sense now). He could see the shop from his flat, so worked as a lookout for the gang.

Could Terry and Ryan’s paths cross when Ryan joins the police? Will Terry be the one to out Ryan as being part of the OCG?

Another caddy?

Did you spot that there was a golf bag in the background in Buckells’ office? Do we have another caddy upon us? Also, the conversation between Buckells and Davidson was a little suspect. Davidson told her boss: “If this is going to go the way we want, we’ve got to find out who he [the CHIS] is” and “Fuck the handler, fuck the CHIS.” Next thing, the CHIS is dead. What are these two up to?

Davidson’s door locks

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Ok, you can’t have not noticed how many locks new copper Joanne Davidson had on her door at home. Well, a lot of people have jumped to the conclusion that she is in it deep with an OCG and that’s why she needs to protect herself so much.

Chris and Ryan look a bit too similar

Line of Duty, season six, episode one, clues, theories, BBC, easter eggs, Chris Lomax, Ryan Pilkington

Fans have also noticed that new copper Chris Lomax and OCG member come copper Ryan look strikingly similar. Could be nothing, could be everything. Who knows?

Are Carl Banks and Lee Banks related as well?

Line of Duty, season six, episode one, clues, theories, BBC, easter eggs, Lee Banks, Carl Banks

via BBC

In the episode last night, Carl Banks’ fingerprints were found during a search which followed Terry’s arrest, linking him to the investigation. Lee Banks had been part of the OCG which John Corbett was investigating in season five, before Corbett was killed and Banks was jailed.

Nothing in Line of Duty is ever without reason, so are the two Banks’ related?

Line of Duty season six continues on Sunday. Previous episodes are available on iPlayer.

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