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Nathan ‘Doggface’ Apodaca is selling his Fleetwood Mac skating video for $500,000

And that’s just the starting bid

It’s well known that cryptocurrencies and NFTs are the big thing right now. Whilst we’ve seen painful amounts stumped up for online artwork that seems somewhat underwhelming in the grand scheme of things, such as the recent sale of a collage by artist Beeple for $69 million dollars or the sale of an original Nyan Cat artwork for $590,000, the latest unwarranted figure to get into selling internet junk that will undoubtedly sell for loads is Nathan Apodaca – also known as the Fleetwood Mac skateboarding guy.

Apodaca’s agent confirmed that he’ll be selling the original TikTok video skating down the road (without the Fleetwood Mac audio due to copyright reasons) via an online auction. Obviously, it’s anyone’s guess how high the auction, which takes place via on Friday, will actually go – but bidding starts at $500,000 – meaning it could likely sell for much higher than this amount.

@420doggface208Morning vibe #420souljahz #ec #feelinggood #h2o #cloud9 #happyhippie #worldpeace #king #peaceup #merch #tacos #waterislife #high #morning #710 #cloud9♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac

If $500,000 sounds like a ludicrously high amount of money to spend on something that is essentially worth nothing and that anyone can view at any time on TikTok, that’s because it is. To most people. However, for those that are savvy with cryptocurrency, this is certainly a good way to go in the name of preserving your hard-earned money.

People with money to hide from the taxman can’t store it in crypto because they still owe tax on it. Whilst that’s not to say that NFTs are tax-exempt, there’s a lot of speculation over whether people with large influence like Logan Paul, who are encouraging people to get into NFTs, can directly profit from telling followers to buy certain NFTs.

NFTs are a win-win in the name of glorious money, which is why so many of your favourite creators like KSI and Logan are pouring their pockets into them. It’s not an appreciation of the artwork (although that does help), but rather a way to guarantee that a way of putting money away in a secure format (the blockchain) as is done with cryptocurrencies. But hey ho, wouldn’t we all with millions to play with?

Half a million on top of a free truck, countless bottles of Ocean Spray and a lucrative merch line is just… fine!

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