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These are all the cryptocurrencies that TikTok wants you to buy right now

It doesn’t end at Bitcoin

This is not financial advice, trade at your own risk

If being in lockdown for prolonged periods of time has taught the nerds of the internet anything, it’s that serious money can be made from sitting on your arse for hours. The Gamestop frenzy saw many people gain a lot of money and many people lose – however, in the days where people are selling NFTs and trading cryptocurrencies on top of buying stocks, it can get really really confusing to know where to put your money.

Which is where TikTok steps in. A load of people are making content urging you to buy particular currencies in the hopes that they’ll one day make you rich if they take off. Although there’s no guarantee that this will be the case, it is admittedly pretty exciting – so, from Ethereum to Cardano, here are the cryptocurrencies that TikTok is telling you to buy right now.


@seventhousandgbWhere I’d spend $1000 on crypto, forget to mention Cardano as well 🌐 #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #altcoins #crypto #investing #altcoins♬ Stereo Love – Instrumental

We all know about Bitcoin as the most popular and “in” cryptocurrency right now, but it seems pretty universally agreed that there is plenty more room for its price to go up in the future, and as such it is constantly recommended by casual traders as well figures like Elon Musk.


@seventhousandgbIf chainlink reaches even 10% of Ethereums market cap, it’s a rocket 🚀 ##ethereum ##bitcoin ##crypto ##cryptocurrency ##eth ##chainlink♬ Education – BlueWhaleMusic

A cryptocurrency that you probably haven’t heard of is Chainlink, yet it’s causing a bit of excitement in the community for the fact that… well, just listen to the guy above.


@bitboycrypto$1400 next week or bust ##ethereum ##eth ##crypto ##investing ##bitcoin ##NHLFaceOff ##HealthyCooking♬ original sound – BitBoy Crypto

Next up is Ethereum, which is the second most popular crypto to Bitcoin. In the last year, it has jumped from around 100 dollars to well over 1000, and many expect it to continue to rise.


@aztec.capitalNOTfinancialADVICE Altcoin predictions 2021 #juvian #altcoins #cryptocurrency #cryptotrader #ethereum #uniswap #polkadotnetwork #learnontiktok #invest♬ orijinal ses – ponciklendin

Polkadot comes up a fair bit when it comes to predictions for future rockets – it’s worth bearing in mind, as you should with all cryptocurrencies, that they’re all risky and there is absolutely no guarantee that you will make any money. No one can possibly predict where these currencies will go in years to come.


@portfoliokings$ADA: BUY BUY BUY! #fyp #crypto #bitcoin #cardano♬ original sound – Portfoliokings

Cardano is speculated to be a future performer by several TikTok creators, and this guy certainly seems to be pretty excited about it. He believes that they’re going to have lower fees and become a direct competitor to Ethereum. Is your risk threshold high enough to invest in cryptocurrencies like these?

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