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Explained: Why is Daisy May Cooper’s Instagram down at the moment?

It follows a hilarious video with her publishers

Daisy May Cooper’s Instagram profile has disappeared following a video she released in which she appears to disagree with publishers over the content of her upcoming memoir.

Telling them that she wants to include an anecdote about her ex-boyfriend who “had a knob that bent massively to the left,” Daisy stresses to them that it is very important this will be featured in the upcoming book.

“I don’t think that I’m actually asking for that much,” she tells the man and woman sat opposite her in the Instagram video. “All I’m asking for is to write a story about an ex-boyfriend that I had who had a knob that bent massively to the left.”

One of the publishers responds with: “No I know, I understand that, but is it… is it really important that that’s in the book?”

D: “It is important.”

P: “I… I don’t think so…”

D: “It is, it is. You can go back to Penguin and say that that is actually a deal-breaker for me because I don’t really want to be writing about stuff where I can’t talk about my ex-boyfriend’s knob.”

In a follow-up video uploaded to her dad’s Instagram account, Daisy confirmed that she had removed her Instagram account in protest of the backlash to her proposition, with potential talks in the works to have the book dedicated to her ex-boyfriend and his curved penis instead.

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Daisy recently announced her upcoming memoir, “Don’t Laugh. It Will Only Encourage Her”, with online retailers and book shops accepting pre-orders for distribution later this year.

Regardless of Daisy May Cooper’s Instagram removal likely being a particularly clever marketing ploy, the whole thing is really funny and I can’t wait to see how she gets this into the book. Perhaps in the blurb?

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