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Quiz: Which of the girls in Glee are you?

No one wants to be Rachel

Glee has created some truly iconic characters and none more so than the female characters who truly are the centre of the show, and now it’s time to find out which of the Glee girls you really are with our quiz.

The main girls, Rachel, Santana, Mercedes, Quinn, Brittany and Tina are usually the focus of the biggest dramas in the show. There was Rachel and Mercedes’ feud for the top spot in Glee Club, Santana’s incessant criticism of Rachel and of course the greatest trio TV has ever known – The Unholy Trinity.

The girls also had some of the most moving storylines with Quinn’s teen pregnancy and Santana’s coming out journey. They created drama, made us cry and sang the best solos.

But which of these six girls are you most similar to? Are you confident like Santana and Mercedes? Or are you quiet and more reserved like Tina?

By answering 10 questions such as would you sing a ballad or a musical number for a solo? You’ll be able to find out which Glee Club girl you are, let’s just hope it’s not Rachel.

Take our Glee girls quiz to find out who you are:

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