Vote: Which Glee cover is categorically better than original?

Spoiler, anything by Santana

There are certain things in life we all know to be true, but don’t like to admit. Like we’re all going to die, you probably were a bitch that one time and most importantly that some of the Glee covers are actually better than the original.

It feels weird, shameful and a bit dirty to admit you preferred watching Jesse St James perform Bohemian Rhapsody rather than Queen. But we can’t help it if Ryan Murphy has managed to create an entire canon of pop songs which put to shame the original versions.

The melodies, harmonies and performances of Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez and Kurt Hummel just somehow seem to make Adele, Tina Turner and Madonna pale into insignificance. The Glee covers have become so iconic, you almost forget other people performed them before Mercedes and Blaine did.

Of course not all the Glee song covers are works of art. Watch anything featuring Mr Schue and you’ll easily realise sometimes things are best left to the professionals.

But the majority of the Glee covers are better than their original counterparts, and these are the ones we think are truly superior:

Shake It Out

If you wanna talk about chills when listening to a song then go to YouTube and put the Glee version of Shake It Out on. Florence and the Machine tried, but the melodies of Santana, Tina and Mercedes are unparalleled.

The acoustic version is the perfect accompaniment to the heartbreaking story of the domestic abuse Coach Beiste faces.

Smooth Criminal

There used to be a time when no one thought anyone could rival Michael Jackson’s performance abilities, but then came Naya Rivera.

Props to Ryan Murphy for this edition of Smooth Criminal, the strings, the hat and of course Santana’s vocals make this version so much better than Michael’s, and I think he’d be inclined to agree.

I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

Who would have thought the combination of Quinn and Rachel would make a winning number? But it turns out miracles do happen.

I’m the first person to talk about my love of Julie Andrews, the woman is the true Queen of England. However the English accent just doesn’t hit the same as Rachel Berry’s voice all whilst she considers getting a nose job.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Look I know Queen are like important, but have you really heard Bohemian Rhapsody till you’ve heard Johnathan Groff belt it out whilst simultaneously watching Quinn give birth?

Bust Your Windows

This is OG Glee gold. You’ve got to give Mercedes credit for making this song one of her best performances, whilst her storyline involved her thinking she was going out with Kurt.

Paradise By The Dashboard Light

I don’t even know who sung the original version and I don’t need to. This is the only version of the song that needs to exist. (I just Googled and it’s Meat Loaf, I wonder how they feel about being upstaged by Lea Michele?)

Don’t Rain On My Parade

No I am not talking about the Rachel Berry version here, I am of course referencing Santana’s iconic season five performance. It’s hard to rival Barbara Streisand, but if anyone was going to do it, it would be Santana.


The Beatles are overrated, Kurt Hummel is not. He killed this song, but not Pavarotti the canary, who it is thought died of stroke. RIP.

Go Your Own Way

I hate to give Rachel Berry credit here, but she was actually better than Fleetwood Mac. She just makes the song more of a belter, it’s louder and more dramatic.

Touch a, Touch a, Touch a

Aside from seeing Mr Schue half naked with a tie on, this is one of Emma’s best performances. Whilst Susan Sarandon is a great actress, a singer she is not, and Emma performs it far better than she did in the original.

Nutbush City Limits

No disrespect to Tina Turner here, but Santana did it better.

Survivor/ I Will Survive

The two songs on their own are certified bangers. However put together and with Mercedes and Santana singing them, it’s flawless.

If I Were A Boy

I don’t think Beyoncé would have any problem in saying Unique’s version of this is beautiful. Not only vocally but the added weight of her trans storyline makes it better than Bey.

Beauty School Drop Out

This song in Grease isn’t even in the top five songs of the musical, however when Blaine sings it, he makes it the stand out performance of the whole episode.

Crazy/ You Drive Me Crazy

Every time Glee covers Britney, the performances slap, however no one is ever as good as the Britney Spears. But I think Jake and Marley’s rendition of Crazy is actually far better than Britney singing it.

Jar of Hearts

No shade to Christina Perri but Rachel sings this so much better. It’s haunting, soft and dramatic all at the same time.

When I Get You Alone

Anyone covering Robin Thicke is going to be good, simply by not including Robin Thicke in it. However Blaine and The Warblers make this song a banger, despite the slightly creepy undertones.

La Isla Bonita

Sorry Madonna but having two hispanic people sing La Isla Bonita is always going to be better than your OG version.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This was one of Cory Monteith’s most moving performances, like try not to cry whilst watching. Cyndi Lauper’s original is fun and bright, but when Finn sings it to Santana it really has a depth to it.

Poker Face

Gaga fans do not come for me, but this rendition is actually a great version, and possibly better than Gaga. Ok I’m going now.

Which Glee cover is actually better than the original? Vote here:

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