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Dive into the lavish Instagrams of the Below Deck Mediterranean crewmates

Chef Ben cooked for Seth Rogen

Below Deck Mediterranean is finally coming to British screens – for those who haven’t watched Below Deck, it’s a reality TV show that takes place on a yacht. Yes, toes are trodden on. Yes, there’s lots of romance. And yes, there are explosive arguments and people get chucked off. If you’re going to get invested in any reality TV, Below Deck is one thousand per cent the show for you. Plus it’s actually pretty realistic!

So, whether you’re just getting into Below Deck now that it’s being shown on E4 or you’ve been a fan for years now, let’s take a deep dive into the Below Deck Mediterranean Instagrams for the cast of season one.

Chef Ben Robinson

The first of the Below Deck Mediterranean Instagrams is Chef Ben, who is hands down everyone’s absolute favourite – yeah, he gets a little stressy sometimes, but that’s made up by the fact that he’s seriously good at his job and is probably the funniest guy on the yacht at any given time.

For those who haven’t watched Below Deck yet, he’s definitely one to keep an eye on. Plus he cooked for Seth Rogen, so he’s clearly doing pretty well since the show aired.

Hannah Ferrier

Next up is Hannah Ferrier, who is the chief steward on the boat. This means she heads up the interior operations of the ship, ensuring that everyone stays on their game when turning down bedrooms, serving food and generally being there for the guests in every way possible as soon as they step foot inside the yacht.

Bobby Giancola

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If you’re new to Below Deck Med, Bobby is certainly a popular figure on the boats with guests and fellow staff members alike. The tallest and most muscular of the bunch, he is a deckhand that never misses an opportunity to get his kit off and show what he’s got, which happens to be at least once every episode.

Julia D’Albert

Julia has the boys on the boat falling at her feet, which causes a bit of friction considering she has a boyfriend waiting for her back in England. She’s accrued a healthy 60k followers on Instagram since appearing on Below Deck, but I wouldn’t take too much of a look if you haven’t already started the series, as there may well be spoilers!

Danny Zureikat

Danny is a peculiar figure on the yacht for many reasons, which causes him to constantly fall in and out of favour with his crewmates. He pushes the rules to the greatest extent on a number of occasions (so much so that Captain Lee undoubtedly would’ve had him off by the first charter), but he definitely makes good TV.

Tiffany Copeland

Tiffany works with Julia and Hannah on the interior of the boat, and she takes the lowest ranking position as one of the least experienced people in the yachting industry. She is popular on the boat, becoming close with a number of the key players on the show, but there is certainly some tension between her and Hannah to begin with.

Jenn Riservato

Jenn is one of the outdoor crew, making her the only woman in this team. As you’ll soon come to learn as a Below Deck virgin, this often comes at their disadvantage on Below Deck, with the other outdoor male members not giving her enough responsibility and generally acting like she’s not there – which can be annoying to watch.

She is open about her sexuality from the start, and her Instagram feed is full of photos of her with her Fiance.

Bryan Kattenburg

bryan kattenburg, below deck mediterranean, instagram private

Bryan’s Instagram is unfortunately private (boo!), but given his popularity on the charter – it’s pretty clear to see why.

Captain Mark

captain mark, below deck mediterranean

The last of the Below Deck Mediterranean Instagrams is Captain Mark, who is nowhere near as rad as Captain Lee and therefore doesn’t have any social media. And that’s it – you can catch Below Deck Mediterranean on E4 at 7:30pm every weekday.

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