Revealed: These are the least safe uni cities in the UK

And the most safe, of course

Do you ever go for a quick trip to the shop and feel like you’re watching over your shoulder every few minutes? Or lie awake at night having sworn you’ve heard a strange noise coming from downstairs? News flash: You probably feel unsafe where you live. And feeling unsafe at uni literally sucks. There’s nothing worse than knowing you chose to come to a city where you feel like you could get mugged or burgled at any given second. So, finally a study has been carried out to see if you’re just imagining these unsafe feelings, or if you do have a reason to be a lil creeped out. Here’s to praying your uni is in one of the safest cities in the UK. has carried out a survey and a study, looking into the safest and least safe cities in the UK. The survey literally asked people if they feel safe or not in their city, whilst some serious metrics went into the study – which gave each city an index score of safeness.

These metrics were: How many crimes get reported there, the number of burglaries per 100 people, the number of police officers, ambulance response times, the number of CCTV cameras and the flood risk in the area. This then created an index score out of 10, with 10 being the best and one being the worst.

So here are the results, therefore saying which UK cities are the safest and least safe of them all. First up we have the index scores from the full study, and then the results of the survey.

Liverpool is officially the safest of all the uni cities in the UK

Liverpool came out as the secure capital of the UK, with an index score of 6.91. There are 35,254 CCTV cameras in place to keep an eye on people across the city – the most of any major UK city. Liverpool also has a considerably low crime rate, with just over 59,000 reports in one year, compared to the UK average of 71,000.

Then follows Coventry, Leicester, London, Milton Keynes, Plymouth, Birmingham, Dudley, Cardiff and Northampton. Yes, really.

And the study found Hull is the least safe

Hull ranks lowest overall despite its residents scoring it a high sense of security (4.38). The city was found to have the highest flood risk in the research, the fifth highest burglary rate and just 1,901 recorded police officers.

This was followed by Manchester, Southampton, Sunderland, Newcastle, Doncaster, Sheffield, Glasgow, Swansea and Edinburgh. If your uni city isn’t on here, it’ll be somewhere in the middle range.

These are the uni cities where people feel the safest:

It’s a whole other board game to actually being safe, as to whether you feel safe in the city you live in. A survey carried out by found that out of 2000 people asked, those in Oxford said they feel the safest. This was followed by Aberdeen, Glasgow, Norwich and then Aberystwyth.

Three in five people who live in Oxford claim to feel “very safe and secure” in their neighbourhood, Aberdeen followed close behind with 59 per cent of respondents saying they felt very safe.

And these are the uni cities where people said they feel the least safe:

The same survey also found the uni cities where respondents said they feel the least safe. People from Portsmouth responded the most negatively, followed by Brighton, Newcastle, Swansea and Chelmsford.

People who live in Portsmouth feel the least secure in the area that they live out of all major cities in the UK. Just one in five people (22 per cent) feel “very safe and secure” here.

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For the full metrics explanation and sources for statistics see the study here.