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Amber Gill is charging £40 for a lifestyle plan that includes a recipe for cheese on toast

There’s avocado on toast as well for the pros amongst you


Amber Gill is charging £40 for a weight loss plan that includes recipes for cheese and tomato on toast.

On her Instagram story Amber shared the recipe which is bread, cheese and tomatoes, and says to 2.7million followers not to knock it until they’ve tried it.

She said in two posts: “We have the most gorgeous easy recipes on @amberflexx. Which is half the battle of choosing a healthier lifestyle. So simple to make but an unreal little lunch. If I can do it anyone can, I’m a liability in the kitchen.

“That particular portion was serving three btw, I normally have one full slice for my lunch, it’s just so good, don’t knock it till you try it.”

Amber’s weight loss plan also includes a recipe for smashed avocado and smoked salmon on toast. Yes really.

At the end of last year Amber showed off her weight loss and said she would be launching her own plan.

The current plan called “Amber Flexx” is on offer for £40 for three months, a discount from the usual price of £60. Think of all the toast ideas you can get for £40.

In the short video promoting the plan, it appears to also offer recipes for tomato and cheese pasta, stuffed peppers and eggs Benedict.

The plan promises to get the user to lose a stone in six weeks. Aside from the complex recipes the plan also includes work outs and “diet motivation”  from dietician Jo Travers.

The Tab contacted Amber’s reps for comment, who said the plan has over 120 recipes and was devised by dietician Jo Travers.

They said: “The diet options for Amber Flexx are provided by dietician Jo Travers and there are over 120 recipes as part of it.

“The aim of the diet plan is to give those following a healthy way of achieving a calorie deficit, when incorporated with the 6-week workout plan. The £13.99 a month price is also highly competitive for the market.”

Amber has just returned from Dubai where during her stay there she lost 24,000 followers on Instagram.

Featured image credit via Instagram @amberrosegill

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