Dr Alex is the only influencer worth following right now

Someone get this man an OBE

Whilst every reality star on your Instagram feed is in a bikini, sipping cocktails from a beach in Dubai, complaining about how hard they’re “working”, there is one man who is showing what it means to truly be an influencer in 2021. And this man is of course Dr Alex George.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think the man who fell over whilst pushing a baby stroller, or strung Alexandra along on the 2018 edition of Love Island, would be my hero of the pandemic, but here we are.

Dr Alex is the only influencer worth following now and post pandemic, whenever that is. As a junior doctor he is using his multitude of social media platforms to show the harsh reality of the pandemic.

Now that the UK has passed an unimaginable death toll of 100,000 people, you’d think people would be getting the picture by now, but for the influencers sunning themselves in Dubai, it doesn’t seem to have clicked.

And this is important. Many reality stars on trips to Dubai, claiming “hard work” and “business trips” as their reason for going to bougie dinners, have millions of followers, many of whom are young people who could easily be influenced into not taking the pandemic seriously.

But thankfully we do have an influencer who is worthy of our time and praise. In his most recent 15 minute YouTube video Dr Alex shows the emotions of the NHS staff and the overwhelming nature of the pandemic.

via Instagram @dralexgeorge

If you don’t already see Dr Alex has a national hero, then this is every reason you should:

He never asks for recognition

Unlike other influencers Alex is never throwing himself a pity party or saying how unfair his life is. He gets on with it, shows the reality of working at a hospital in a pandemic and tries to create hope for everyone.

He is in the middle of grief and still working

Dr Alex very sadly lost his younger brother Llŷr last year and after taking a few weeks off he was straight back to work at a hospital helping with the pandemic. To be able to work and support others who are also experiencing grief is an incredibly brave and noble thing to do, and for this alone he should be praised.

Dr Alex uses his TikTok to educate

There is unfortunately no buss it challenge on Dr Alex’s TikTok page but instead a number of educational medical videos that provide short, detailed and important information.

@dralexgeorgeASTHMA ATTACK – here is how to help 😊 ##dralex ##fyp ##learnontiktok ##health ##nhs ##doctor ##redcross @britishredcross♬ original sound – dralexgeorge

Alex has created TikToks on how to help someone with an asthma attack or treating a sprain. It is just basic first aid, however you never know when having it pop up on your “For You Page” could help one day.

He uses his platform to highlight other members of the NHS

Alex is so unlike other influencers in that he uses his platform to celebrate others and recognise their achievements.

In his podcast, The Waiting Room, Dr Alex interviews other NHS workers about what they do and shines a light on people who may not otherwise get the recognition they deserve.

He shares messages of hope

Throughout the pandemic Alex has been using his Instagram in particular to share messages of hope, perseverance and reassurance that one day the pandemic will be over.

Dr Alex is incredibly honest

Though he gives messages of hope, Dr Alex is also very candid in telling his followers when he has had a bad day or is feeling a little low or that just like the rest of us he’s looking forward to a holiday.

It is this complete honesty of his daily emotions that is inspiring content to see on your feed, as you know you’re not alone in your feelings of sadness, despair or loneliness.

via Instagram @dralexgeorge

His feed is realistic

Looking through Dr Alex’s Instagram feed whilst there is the occasional advert, there is nothing on there that would make you feel bad about yourself.

There is no body shaming, or weight loss plans. He’s not encouraging you to buy clothes that cost less than £10 and end up in landfill. He’s not dressing up in cool outfits as if he’s having a great time.

via Instagram @dralexgeorge

And most importantly he’s not pretending to be perfect like so many others.

Dr Alex wants to make actual changes to policy surrounding mental health

Despite having a full time job as a junior doctor, Alex is also campaigning for mental health reform in education.

He is currently putting together a proposal for the government. This includes the key changes that need to be made to the education system including supporting teachers and university students.

He appreciates the love

You may often see influencers like a comment on their posts or share a story saying how much they “love you guys”, but Dr Alex is different.

@dralexgeorge##duet with @smallex4ft11 Thank you 💙 ##dralex ##fyp ##learnontiktok ##dralex ##health♬ original sound – alex

He replies to nearly every comment when he has so many other things to do.

On his TikTok he recently duetted a video of someone saying how much they appreciated him. And you can tell in his face just how much it genuinely means to him.

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This is just important ok.

Featured image credit via Instagram @dralexgeorge

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