ellie brown driving ban

Ellie Brown has been banned from driving after speeding 101mph down a motorway

She tried to stop the ban by claiming it would impact her ‘modelling career’

Love Island’s Ellie Brown has been given a six month driving ban, after she was caught speeding 101mph down a motorway, despite trying to avoid the ban by saying it would impact her modelling and fashion career.

Ellie was caught speeding at 101mph down the M42 in Warwickshire in June 2019, she was driving a Mercedes-Benz GLC at the time.

Yesterday she was given six points on her licence, which brought her total to 12 points, meaning she was given an automatic six-month ban on driving.

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At an earlier hearing, the case was adjourned so that Ellie could present her case for mitigation as she claimed there was a potential loss of income that could occur if she were to be given a driving ban.

However after learning Ellie makes £2,000 a week after tax and the ban wouldn’t affect other people’s jobs she was given the ban.

Yesterday at the Coventry Magistrates’ Court Ellie approached the bench herself and said she worked around the country, travelling to shoots and to her fashion brand’s factory in Leicester.

She said: “I have been self-employed for the past two-and-a-half years. I was on a TV show and when I came out I moved to Manchester to do modelling and different kinds of media.

“I do a lot of travelling to shoots and it could be anywhere from London, Scotland, Leeds or all over the UK. My fashion brand’s factory is in Leicester and I have to go there carrying a lot of stock.”

via Instagram @brown.elle

Ellie did say she was sorry for her actions and has no other offences. The chairman of the bench, Neil Gallagher, asked Ellie if there would be any impact on other people’s jobs. Ellie said she would not be able to work with the factory in Leicester.

After deliberating, the chairman decided exceptional circumstances did not apply to her case and she was on a good income and couldn’t avoid the ban.

He said: “Exceptional circumstances is a very high hurdle and I’m afraid in the circumstances we find it does not apply in your case.”

“You’re on a good income at the moment. You have done well but I’m afraid we can’t avoid the ban and you will have to make other arrangements to travel around the country.”

Ellie was also given a fine of £1,660, ordered to pay the courts £110 and a victim surcharge of £167.

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