Who was Cindy Tran? The woman episode six of Bling Empire is dedicated to

She died in 2019 when filming for the show began

Bling Empire is Netflix’s latest answer to filling the Selling Sunset shaped hole in our lives. But as well as giving us a window into the wild world of being filthy rich and you know it, the series also covers the cast member’s personal lives – which does include some sadder themes. Episode six of Bling Empire paid tribute to Cindy Tran, who was at the heart of one of these storylines.

Who was Cindy Tran who Bling Empire dedicated episode six to?

At the end of episode six of Bling Empire on Netflix, a messaging reading “In memory of Cindy Tran” comes up on the screen. Cindy Tran was cast member Cherie Chan’s mother. In the episode Cherie speaks to Kane and says she doesn’t feel closure over her mother’s death and wishes she could know when she was going to see her next.

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Cherie’s mother died in 2019, when filming for Bling Empire first began. She was 59-years-old, having been born in 1960. On Cindy’s Instagram profile, it looks as though she was really close with Cherie and they went out together a lot. They enjoyed shopping trips together, and Cindy came to London and had a spa trip, spent a Mother’s Day in Vegas with Cherie and shared pictures of her daughter.

Previously in the series, Cherie openly spoke about losing her mother. Her friends Kane and Kevin went to her home and prayed with her and performed a Buddhist ceremony with her. Later in episode six, Cherie meets with a medium called Tyler Henry. Cherie passes a teddy to Tyler, who then says that Cindy is with them.

Cindy Tran, Bling Empire, episode six, tribute, in memory of, death, who was, Cherie Chan, mother

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Cherie speaks about how her mother had become very sick, and wasn’t able to come home from hospital before she died. The medium tells Cherie that she will continue to see signs of her mother through her daughter, two-year-old Jadore. Jadore is then seen playing with her younger brother and calling him “Grandma”, when Cherie asks what she is doing she replies “talking to Grandma”. Jadore then says that Grandma is her younger brother. Cherie then believes her son is Cindy reincarnated.

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