Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which iconic I’m A Celeb campmate you are

You look like a right Gillian McKeith

There are some big characters on I’m A Celebrity this year, but none of them have quite proven themselves as suuuper iconic as their predecessors just yet. Yeah, Vernon is pretty funny and has lamented himself as a big voice in the castle just as Giovanna seems to be universally loved by everyone for being the mother figure, but it’s just a fact that neither are going to be looked back on in five years as particularly memorable so far.

Harsh maybe, but for that, we have to look into the past (nearly) 20 years – you know, the Gillian McKeiths, the Harry Redknapps and even the Katie Prices and Peter Andres. So, with that in mind, which iconic celebrity campmate from I’m A Celeb are you?

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