This is what the I’m A Celeb campmates looked like when they were younger

Vernon’s trim tho

We’re well into I’m A Celeb now, and in the last few days we’ve certainly been treated to some of the more gruesome trials. Whether it’s been drinking gruesome penis smoothies or being covered with all kinds of bugs on a massage bed, they’ve had it rough – but did you know that all these celebrities were in fact still celebrities before appearing on the show?!

Yup, I know it’s hard to believe with a few of the names in the castle, but they all actually had very successful lives beforehand in one way or another, which thankfully means that there’s plenty of photos of them from their formative years for us to laugh at. So, we’ve sifted through the best ones and here’s what the campmates of I’m A Celebrity looked like in their younger years.

Vernon Kay

Vernon has always been a heartthrob, it’s just that he had a quiet few years before coming back into the limelight on I’m A Celeb – but now he’s back, there’s a whole new generation lusting after him. In the above picture, we can see Vernon on a television program in 2001, making him 27 at the time.

You know which celebrity is the perfect pick to advertise a high-end golf machine? You guessed it, Vernon Kay. The Stewart Golf website still has a page dedicated to him, which reads: “He’s also been a big fan of Stewart Golf since he took delivery of his first machine back in 2005, and knows personally how much the company has evolved in the past years.

“Vernon later went on to add: ‘It knows where you are. It knows where to stop. It can make you feel relaxed because you don’t have to worry about your golf clubs.'”

Great stuff, Vernon.

Beverley Callard

Queen Beverley is known for being THE most wholesome woman in the camp (sorry Gi, you’re simply no match) and it’s fair to say she’s aged little since her days of playing Liz McDonald in Corrie.

I’d like to personally recommend she brings that hairdo out of retirement, anyone else?

Shane Richie

Shane has become a bit of a controversial figure in the camp after he was recorded saying a few choice comments to Vernon about other campmates out of earshot of anyone else, but you’ve got to admit – the guy is funny, and he’s a bit of a veteran in the industry.

From recording his own albums to being part of Eastenders, Richie is showbiz through and through – as evidenced by this lovely magazine cover of him wearing far too much makeup.

Mo Farah

Okay, so from this we can immediately learn that young Mo Farah was a whole vibe. Seriously, look at this guy and tell me he doesn’t look cool, from the fancy hairdo down to the trousers that you know make that “swish” noise when he walks.


Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria has made a really good impression on so many people in the camp – she’s clearly very intelligent, has good morals and is all-round great fun. In fact, if I were to vote for a winner now, she’d likely be my pick, and from her photos, it looks like not a lot has changed.

AJ Pritchard

Strictly Come Dancing tour 2018: AJ Pritchard shares Instagram throwback amid tour | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV |

Credit Instagram @aj11ace

AJ shared the above photo on Instagram when wishing his brother Curtis a happy birthday, and it’s quite extraordinary how little either of them has changed.

Of all the haircuts that have changed over the years, be it Vernon’s mullet-esque mop or Mo’s mini dreads, these probably have to be the least partyrockin’. Sorry lads.

Giovanna Fletcher

Being a blogger, vlogger and wife to Tom Fletcher means that you’re going to be sharing a lot of your personal life on the internet, so it’s good to see that there’s plenty of photos to choose from when it comes to Giovanna Fletcher. The above photo is a cute collage showing various moments in their relationship, with the bottom left looking like the youngest example.

If we’re talking about cursed photos, why has nobody ever brought this one to light? This is a cross over that nobody could’ve expected. Or wanted.

Jordan North

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We can presume from this photo that Jordan is in his late teens or early 20s, which means this photo was taken around 10 years ago – it’s safe to say that he looks a lot better with the beard than without.

Russell Watson

You only need to look at Russell’s various album covers to see what he looked like in his younger years, and from the above photo you can see that he looks mostly the same apart from the facial fuzz that he’s grown in the castle. He actually doesn’t look too dissimilar from Dec you know. Or H from Steps.



Ruthie Henshall

This is a glorious photo, not only because it shows us what Ruthie looked like 26 years ago (much the same to be honest), but there are also a few other familiar faces. John Barrowman in that very fetching pink cardigan, or how about Clive Rowe who played Duke in Tracy Beaker on the right?

Bringing it forward a little to 1997 shows that Ruthie is looking as good as ever in the camp.

Hollie Arnold MBE


Hollie Arnold MBE is only 26 so it’s no surprise that she hasn’t changed hugely in the years leading up to I’m A Celeb, but if there’s anything we appreciate from someone in their mid-twenties, it’s finding horribly outdated Instagram edits like the one above.

We all gave her a bit of a rinsing over the MBE thing, but there’s probably not a lot of people in the camp more deserving of that accolade – competing at the Paralympics at the age of 13 and then getting a world record eight years later.

Jessica Plummer

Jessica Plummer, in case you missed it, was part of a band called Neon Jungle. She became part of the band after her and another member were scouted to sing in the girl group WHILE SHOPPING, which I think says all you need to know.

Again, not much has changed in those 5 or so years since being in the band that still gets 200k+ listens on Spotify. Good for you, Jess from Neon Jungle.

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