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Quiz: Can you guess the I’m A Celebrity contestant from their baby pictures?

They were so cute, what happened?

By now we’ve seen the latest bunch of I’m A Celebrity contestants taking a shower, sleeping, eating their dinners and having bugs poured over them – so it’s safe to say we know them pretty well.

But do you know them well enough to be able to identify the current I’m A Celebrity lineup from nothing but their baby pictures? From AJ Pritchard before he could walk let alone dance, to Victoria Derbyshire many, many years before she could even imagine having her own TV show.

In the quiz below you’ll see baby pictures of some of the 2020 I’m A Celebrity contestants, from back when they were cute little children. All you have to do is try and guess who it is in the photo. Click to flip the picture and reveal all.

See if you can match these baby pictures to the correct I’m A Celebrity contestant:

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All photos via Instagram / ITV.