Netflix is trialling a new Top 50 list to replace its current Top 10

Surely this will be a bit…hectic?

Netflix is currently trialling changing its current Top 10 list on your homepage to it becoming a new Top 50 instead.

If the feature gets rolled out it will see the homepage list vastly expand, as well as the TV show and film specific lists. A tech and telecoms reporter shared the news on Twitter, saying: “Netflix has confirmed to me that is testing a Top 50 list, expanding on the Top 10 it rolled out earlier this year. In keeping with that feature, there is a Top 50 row for all content on the home page, and separate lists for films and TV shows.”

He added that the aim of the new feature will be make it easier for people to find something to watch, adding that the Top 10 is “a good resource for that, but ultimately limited seeing as Netflix has a massive, expanding library. Hence now some people are seeing a longer Top 50 row of top ranked content.”

He stated that a Netflix spokesperson added: “As we have seen with the Top 10, members like to know what’s popular when picking what to watch. We’re testing if showing an expanded list of popular titles around the globe will be helpful. As with all our tests, we will only roll [it] out if members find it useful.”

So far, the new Top 50 list has been seen on Netflix through PS4 devices in the UK and on some devices in Canada. It has not yet been confirmed on all devices, or worldwide. The Top 10 list was first used in the UK in 2019 and officially launched worldwide in February 2020. The list updates daily, and where ever else a show appears on your homepage a small badge will be displayed if the show is currently within the rankings.

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Another screenshot of someone noticing the change in Canada spotted that this badge has now updated to read “Top 50” instead. Down the bottom of the list contained much older shows.

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