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Netflix is introducing a shuffle button for indecisive viewers

This is exactly what I need

If you’re one of the many who takes literally hours to decide on something to watch on Netflix, the weight and pressure is soon to be taken off your shoulders. Netflix is introducing a new shuffle button – which means it will select shows and episodes for you.

The feature is slowly being introduced, with Reddit users saying they used it to decide what to watch and “landed on a decent film I hadn’t watched”. It sounds as though you click the shuffle play button and Netflix will randomly allocate you something to watch. It’s not yet been confirmed if you can use the button on a particular TV show and then Netflix will pick you an episode.

The button will no doubt be based on your viewing habits and will take into consideration what you have already watched. So there’s little chance you’ll end up watching a rogue film you would never choose normally, or an episode of a show you’ve seen a million times already.

People who already have the Netflix shuffle button are enjoying it, a lot

At the moment, the feature looks as though is just being rolled out slowly to a few people. But those who have got it, seem to be really enjoying it.

This comes just as Netflix announced you can delete shows from your “Continue Watching” list. The site tweeted saying: “PSA: You can now remove a film or series from the Continue Watching row. On your mobile device, simply click the three dots below the title and select Remove From Row.”

Netflix Decision Paralysis Syndrome is a thing of the past!!!

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