Who did Prince Charles and Princess Diana actually have affairs with?

John Kennedy Jr. was apparently one of them

Up until now, The Crown felt more like a period drama than an insight into the lives of real people living behind palace doors. With the introduction of Lady Diana Spencer, that’s not the case anymore.

Gone are the days of hoity-toity glitz and glamour, as we’re thrown into the turbulent marriage of Charles and Diana, as the decade-spanning series covers major events like the Royal Wedding, and the births of Prince William and Harry.

The main thing everyone is talking about is, of course – the affairs. The Crown series four tells us that Prince Charles was seeing Camilla Parker-Bowles throughout his marriage to Lady Diana Spencer, and in return, Diana started to see others, too. But who exactly were the people Charles and Diana had affairs with?

Camilla Parker-Bowles

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Who else but Camilla herself? Camilla was shown as Charles’ primary love interest in series three of The Crown, until she married her then-boyfriend, Andrew Parker-Bowles. Charles and Camilla were briefly an item, until they broke up in 1973.

As The Crown shows, they stayed in contact with one another, and even had the nicknames Fred and Gladys for one another. But when exactly did their affair begin? Some royal biographers have dated the affair to have begun around 1983 or earlier, though the Prince of Wales himself has said that the affair began in November 1986, after the “irretrievable” break down of his marriage to Diana.

John Kennedy Jr.

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Yes, Lady Di is alleged to have had a one-night stand with none other than the son of President John F. Kennedy. Diana’s “energy healer” Simone Simmons speculated that in 1995, Lady Diana told her that “one thing led to another – and we ended up in bed together.” Not only this, but Simmons alleges that Kennedy Jr. and Diana’s fling took place at the Carlyle Hotel, in Manhattan – where President Kennedy himself allegedly met with Marilyn Monroe to continue their affair. Guess it runs in the family?

Barbra Streisand

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Prince Charles is known to have supposedly harboured a big crush on the actress since he was at university, and her poster was on his wall in his Cambridge student halls. Apparently, the two met in 1974 on one of Streisand’s movie sets, and kept in touch. The Prince visited her in Los Angeles 20 years later, during his marriage to Diana.

When the author of “A Game of Crowns” was asked whether Charles and Streisand had an affair, he replied “Something was going on.” When contacted for comment by Town & Country, Streisand’s publicist was unable to comment on the rumours.

Bryan Adams

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Yes, it’s alleged that Lady Diana and the “Summer of ’69” singer had an affair. In 1985, Adams even recorded the song “Diana,” which is rumoured to have been about the then-Princess of Wales, and Adams’ own obsession with Diana. When asked, Adams’ then-girlfriend said: “I knew Diana had an affair with Bryan.” She claims that the affair took place in 1996, the same year that Diana and Charles formally divorced. In 2018, Adams was asked about the rumours, and he claimed the pair were “Just friends.” We’ve heard that one before, Bryan.

James Hewitt

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This infamous military man was shown to be one of Diana’s romantic liaisons during her marriage to Prince Charles during series four of The Crown, and their confirmed affair took place for a number of years.

In the infamous 1995 Panorama interview with Diana, she admitted that her affair with Hewitt took place over the course of five years; and although rumours exist that claim Prince Harry is Hewitt’s son – mainly based on the shared ginger hair of the two chaps – Diana was quick to explain that the affair began two years after the birth of her youngest son. This dates their affair as taking place from 1986-1991, starting in the same year that Charles alleges his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles began.

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