Charli D’Amelio is ‘buying’ her followers according to several TikTokers

She doesn’t get a rest

The D’Amelios have had a tough couple of weeks. From the airing of the first episode of “Dinner with the D’Amelios” causing them a number of issues that resulted in Charli losing over a million followers over the way she spoke to her personal chef, to Dixie’s back and forth with Trisha Paytas that had people accusing her of “anti-blackness”, it’s been a rough ride.

Things seemed to briefly look up when Charli surged to over 100 million followers in the days after losing a significant chunk of them, however, this has several TikTokers scratching their heads – and some have made videos claiming that she bought her followers to get to 100 million so quickly.

If you’re familiar with the way that fake followers on any platform work, you’ll know that they are often blank accounts that show no engagement other than to follow a couple of people. In the above video, it seems that Charli is followed by one such account that doesn’t register her as somebody that they follow.

Although pretty inconclusive as one example of this occurrence, another video was uploaded below that shows peculiar spikes in her traffic using the Livecounts website.

Again, there’s no telling how Livecounts collects its data, but it appears to show the follower count dropping every minute before spiking dramatically, which would suggest that a routine amount of followers are being added to counteract the amount that is being lost.

People are understandably confused that in the same week that the TikTok star lost one million followers due to a huge controversy, she managed to breach the 100 million mark.

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TikTok tweeted Charli congratulating her on the achievement on Sunday as her follower count already looked set to reach 101 million: “Congrats @charlidamelio, the first TikTok creator to reach 100M followers! We’re so proud of everything you’ve accomplished, what you’ve contributed to the TikTok community, and how you’re continuing to use your platform to give back.”

Charli D’Amelio has been approached for comment.

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