You would never treat a teenage boy the way you’re treating Charli D’Amelio right now

If a male said what Charli said then he’d be considered as driven

Charli D’Amelio, the world’s most famous TikTokker, has lost over one million TikTok followers for saying she doesn’t want to eat snails. No, I’m not joking. People are cancelling a 16-year-old for not wanting to eat fucking snails. She also said that she wanted to reach one hundred million followers before 2021, which is the second cancellation excuse – what 16-year-old doesn’t want one hundred million followers? People are full-on cancelling a teenager for being a teenager – please, make it make sense.

People are sending her death threats. They are telling a minor to kill themselves over this. Newsflash people: We all do stupid shit when we’re 16. It’s part of growing up and it shapes us into who we are. But being 30-something and on the internet, telling a minor to die doesn’t sit right with me. The jokes she made were not even offensive, like at all. Maybe her chef was a little butt hurt she didn’t eat his snails – I’m 20 and I’d also turn down snails because I just don’t want to eat snails!

What’s more, if a 16-year-old male stated he wanted to reach 100m followers by the new year then he’d be branded as “driven” and “hard-working”. But god forbid a woman wanting the same thing. She has been branded as a fame whore, a snob and ungrateful for wanting to build her fanbase and increase her following. It’s a joke how she is being cancelled over it. Some people really love to see a female fail. Give her a fucking break.

If a male was presented with snails and requested chicken nuggets instead then people would consider him to be someone who knows what he wants. Even though that sounds so dumb, it’s exactly how it is. Charli is somehow ungrateful, rude and inconsiderate – on what planet does this justify cancelling someones entire career before it’s even really started?

TikTok as an app can be pretty toxic. Some of it’s biggest users have faced controversies, like Tony Lopez, but what Charli said isn’t even remotely controversial. Why are we letting men get away with the shit they do online but slamming a 16-year-old minor?

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