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These are all the boujie filming locations from Netflix’s Rebecca you can actually visit

Get me to Manderley

*Contains spoilers*

If you’ve been dreaming of Manderley again you’ll be pleased to know the many filming locations used to create the iconic house in Netflix’s Rebecca are actually real houses you can visit.

Netflix dropped the adaption of Daphne Du Maurier’s 1938 novel Rebecca earlier this week and it’s already reached the Top Ten. Whilst the critics may slate the film, there’s no denying the locations in the south of France and England are beyond stunning.

Rebecca is the story of a young girl who marries the much older Maxim de Winter after meeting in the South of France. When they return to his country estate, Manderley, she is haunted by the memory of Maxim’s first deceased wife and the very real housekeeper Mrs Danvers.

Manderley is almost its own character in the film. To create the haunting atmosphere, Netflix used country houses throughout England as well as a beach in Devon, and a very boujie hotel in the south of France, and the good thing is you can go and visit them all.

These are all the filming locations used in Rebecca on Netflix, including the many houses used for Manderley:

Cranborne Manor

Cranborne Manor in Dorset was used to film the exterior shots of Manderley in Rebecca on Netflix and has been around since the 12th century.

Though the house itself isn’t open to the public, the gardens are open to visit and in November they have a Christmas tree farm, so if you want a Rebecca feel for Christmas you know where to go.

Weirdly Cranborne Manor has connections to the other main house used to film Rebecca – Hatfield House. In 1608, Cranborne was remodelled by Robert Cecil, the 1st Earl of Salisbury. And then three years later he built Hatfield House.

Hatfield House

Hatfield House in Hertfordshire was used for a lot of the interiors on Rebecca. You can identify which parts of Rebecca are Hatfield House by looking out for the black and white chequered flooring, Persian rugs and panelled walls.

Most notably Hatfield House is used to show the portrait of Maxim’s great aunt that serves as the inspiration for Mrs de Winter’s ball costume and *that* scene Mrs Danvers perfectly sets up which ends with Maxim shouting at Mrs de Winter.

Hatfield House might also be pretty recognisable as it’s already been in a number of things recently including Enola Holmes, The Crown and The Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker” video.

The actual house and gardens are closed for the season but will reopen in 2021. You can still go on walks in the park and woodland, you just have to book in advance.

Other country homes

There were four more country homes used to create the iconic Manderley in Rebecca on Netflix. Loseley House in Surrey, Petworth House in West Sussex, Osterley House in London and Mapperton House in Beaminster.

Mapperton House was used for filming Rebecca’s wing of Manderley and the orangery and gardens were also used for scenes. The house is currently closed to the public but you can visit the gardens by booking a ticket in advance.

Petworth House and Osterley House are currently open to the public, whilst Loseley House and Gardens are closed until 2021.

Hartland Quay

Some of the most iconic scenes in Rebecca take place by the sea and the boat house. This was an actual beach and filming took place for four days at Hartland Quay in Devon.

Hotel Regina

Some other parts of filming took place in the south of France and the crew found an old hotel that Queen Victoria used to stay in to film exterior shots of the hotel in which the film begins.

The production designer, Sarah Greenwood, told Condé Nast Traveller the hotel had been turned into apartments, but the lobby was still free and so they had to furnish it for the film.

Waddesdon Manor

Mrs Van Hopper’s hotel suite wasn’t actually filmed in France and instead was in Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire. According to Sarah Greenwood, the location was picked for its “very French influence”.

Waddesdon Manor is currently open but you must pre-book your tickets in advance.

Exotic Garden in Monte Carlo

In one of the early scenes Maxim and Mrs de Winter explored some exotic gardens, which was in fact the real Exotic Garden in Monte Carlo.

The garden is currently closed to the public but will reopen in January 2021.

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Featured image credit: Netflix

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