The all time best Netflix films to get you feeling cosy and snug this autumn

Grab the duvets

As we trundle our way into October, we’ve usually got one of two things on our minds. There’s the first approach, which is that this is spooky season and we should be cramming as many horrors to get into the scary spirit before the festivities start. This is wrong. The second (and correct) approach, therefore, is the one of relishing the wholesome autumnal vibe for everything that it is. That’s right, we’re talking overpriced coffee drinks being bought in abundance, wearing far too many layers and most importantly – sticking something cute on the TV and getting cosy.

So, as we head into the colder season, let’s take a look at some of the best and most wholesome films on Netflix to get you in the autumnal spirit. 🌰🍂🎃

When Harry Met Sally

Let’s start off with a bit of an old one, so feel free to scroll if this kind of thing isn’t your cup of tea. HOWEVER, if you’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of trying to navigate the boundaries between friendship and full-on relationship, this one may hit home.

Harry and Sally fall in and out of friendship and question why they keep getting drawn to each other throughout their relationship, coming in and out of each others’ lives so seemingly randomly. You know a film is going to be good when it follows a story over the course of a decade – look at Forrest Gump as an example – and this one is no different. There’s a bit for everyone to enjoy here.

Fireplace for your Home: Birchwood Edition

If you’re looking for the best film to put on whilst you’re browsing on your phone, we may just have found it. The Birchwood Edition of Fireplace For Your Home is the perfect way to warm up your room without actually… ya know, warming it up.

The plot is simple – a bundle of wood burns for 60 minutes. If that doesn’t sound thrilling enough, the placebo effect of this film is very real. Simply stick it on whilst you’re having a chat or doing something crafty in the living room and the place will come ALIVE.


There is simply such a crunchy brown leaf vibe to this film. From the opening pancake scene to the happy ending tied up at the end and every whole chocolate cake guzzled in between, Matilda is the ultimate all-rounder.

The premise is simple – Matilda lives with her horrible family but finds solace in academia. Preferring time spent at school with Miss Honey to her turbulent home life, she realises she has amazing powers – and the rest is for you to find out. We caught up with the child cast of Matilda to see what they’re up to now, which you can read here.


How dare you accuse me of putting this on the list just because I happened to come across it on Netflix?!

For real though, this may be potentially more associated with Halloween than wholesome vibes, but what’s better than a bit of nostalgia for your teenage years, mixed tactfully with a classic love story?! This is a comfort film through and through, no matter how many times you watch it. There’s something that just makes you yearn for the past when you watch films like these, but if you’re feeling a little less mopey, crack out the Harry Potter DVDs for a similarly reminiscent experience.

The Holiday

If Twilight was misreading the wholesome autumn vibe, then The Holiday is on a completely different plane, but hear me out. Yes, it’s technically a Christmas film, but what better a film to get you ready for the big month? If you remember correctly, Kate Winslet swaps the snowy countryside of the UK for sunny America – mix the two seasons and you get Autumn!

If that wasn’t enough of a reach for you, just know that there are “get yourself cosy” vibes by the spadeful for you. The premise for those that haven’t seen it (how?!) is two people house swap to run away from demons in their lives, but end up finding happiness in the most unexpected of places. It’s good fun and it’s weird to think that Cameron Diaz filmed parts of this in a tiny village in Surrey called Shere.

Ghost Town

Ricky Gervais is a marmite bloke, and this film follows the same blueprint that a number of his works do – moody, downtrodden bloke finds more purpose to life through circumstances forcing him to work through his own inhibitions –  but there’s a lot more to it than this alone.

Set in a very autumnal New York, its protagonist starts seeing ghosts of people who have died in the city after he himself dies briefly during surgery. They follow him in an attempt to get him to settle business they left behind in the living world, leaving him no option but to help them out before he’s driven insane. It’s funny, romantic at times and surprisingly heartwarming.

You’ve Got Mail

How could anyone dislike a film with Tom Hanks in it? If you believe you were born in the wrong generation and you should’ve been two-stepping around village halls to get a shag instead of sending “you up?” messages early Saturday morning, this one may be for you.

In a day before dating apps took over, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan anonymously message each other online. As you can imagine, this leads to a few mixups when they end up getting to know each other in real life, not knowing that the other is the person they’ve been getting to know so well. There are ups, there are downs, and it’s got 70 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, so can you go wrong?! Nope.

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