Ranked: These are the universities with the most confirmed Covid-19 cases

A handful of unis have more than 1,500 cases

A handful of universities have reported over 1,500 positive Covid-19 cases since the start of term, with Nottingham, Manchester, and Newcastle top the table.

Data compiled by the UCU, which counts both staff and student cases, shows the extent of the Covid outbreak on campus.

14 unis have reported over 500 cases since the start of term. However, the true extent of covid on campus is certain to be much higher as newer stats come in, and a vast amount of cases pass untested.

How many cases has your uni reported? Hover over each bar to see the exact number:

It’s worth noting that some unis have on-campus testing facilities, which may account for higher numbers. Liverpool say it doubled its testing capacity on the 9th October.

Some unis also don’t provide exact numbers – such as Nottingham Trent, who we revealed this week will be spending £2 million to set up a Covid testing scheme for its students.

Others, especially Oxford and Cambridge, have later start dates.

UCU collects data from as long as unis have been publishing it, whereas plenty of universities only make statistics for the past week available on their websites.

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