Revealed: This is how much profit your uni makes from halls

But it’s fine, you’re not a cash cow


Students feel like cash cows right now – cooped up, unable to leave halls, and starting to suspect their real value to a uni is simply how much money they can pay in rent and fees.

The mood has become so febrile that academics are speculating in the Guardian that unis just want to keep students on campus so they can keep collecting cash.

And as rent strikes sweep campuses, unis are caving in to student power and offering millions of pounds in rent refunds. Every student in Manchester halls will get up to £900 back after protests and rent strikers forced the uni to make a big offer.

But which unis actually make the most money from halls? We crunched numbers provided by unis to data agency HESA and found out who makes the biggest profit.

Liverpool made a £17.6 million profit, while Edinburgh made £16.8 million more than it spent.

At the other end of the table, a few big unis make a staggering loss on halls. Sheffield, King’s and Exeter were the biggest losers, all seeing over £5 million disappear down the drain.

But how much money does your uni make from halls? Search the table below to find out.

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