This grad invoiced Rishi Sunak for £41,717.32 to get a refund on his degree

It’s a bold strategy

A grad has invoiced Rishi Sunak for £42,000 in a bold attempt to get a refund on his uni degree.

Hertfordshire graphic design grad Luke Osborne sent the chancellor the letter asking for a reimbursement of his entire student debt after becoming outraged at the idea he should retrain.

Luke says he’ll accept direct debit, cheque, or PayPal, and is hoping he’ll be able to fund a new degree for a new profession, perhaps in cyber, with the money.

When Luke heard Rishi Sunak suggesting people in the arts could retrain and get new jobs, Luke felt it was a “slap in the face” to his graphic design background, and to the rest of the arts.

Sunak told ITV in a controversial interview last week that “everyone is having to find ways to adapt and adjust to the new reality and that is what we have to do.”

Commenting in response to questions about job losses in the arts and the new government Kickstarter scheme, Sunak added: “And that’s why we’re allowing that to happen but also providing new opportunity for people if that is the right vehicle for them.”

In August, Luke was made redundant as the economic effects of the pandemic started to bite.

“My instant reaction was, I wonder if I can get a refund on my degree if I have to retrain,” Luke told The Tab, pointing out that he’d only be eligible for one more year of student finance.

As a response, he’s penned the following letter: “Dear Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer. I appreciate your kind words telling everyone in the arts to re train and seek new employment or as you put it ‘new opportunities’.

“I for one love a challenge and to learn a new skill ..HOWEVER, I have sadly already spent my student loan allowance training to become a graphic designer as part of the creative arts industry.

“So, I need your help! If you wish for us to retrain, if you could be so kind and pay off my student debt I will gladly go back to school to train for a new profession, who knows I could become a zoologist, a scientist or even a politician like you!

“Please find below an invoice for my degree as well as my payment information, direct debit and cheque are fine, I also take PayPal. Your future colleague Luke Osborne.”

But is Luke expecting Rishi to actually dish out the cash? “I don’t expect an acknowledgement, let alone to be paid, to be honest,” he says.

Instead, he says he simply hopes to raise awareness with the stunt. “As a graphic designer I feel lucky,” Luke said.

“I may have been made redundant but I can still go home and create. For many others such as musicians, actors and actresses, they aren’t able to perform and that’s who I am really doing this for.”

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