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Every single reason Rory is legitimately the worst character on Gilmore Girls

The list is endless

The iconic Gilmore Girls is celebrating its 20th anniversary and over the last two decades there’s been much debate over which of Rory’s boyfriends was actually the best. But one thing all fans can agree on is that Rory Gilmore is the absolute worst character in the show.

In the first few seasons she was pretty tolerable but after season four it all went downhill and if you still think she’s a great person you need to reevaluate your life choices.

No character is perfect but Rory Gilmore is a disaster of a human being. She is selfish, entitled and has an incredibly boring personality.

But if you’re not thoroughly convinced then please let me present you with all the evidence that Rory Gilmore is categorically the worst character ever on Gilmore Girls:

She slept with Dean when he was married

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Rory sleeping with her married high school boyfriend was the start of her downhill spiral.

Sleeping with someone you know is married is beyond bad behaviour and of course Dean is just as bad for cheating on his wife. But it was Rory’s attitude after the incident that made her far more insufferable.

She claimed Dean was “hers” and not “Lindsay’s”, aka his wife. First of all you can’t own anyone so her point was kinda irrelevant but secondly the guy you broke up with to get with the local bad boy is most certainly not yours anymore, especially as he is now married.

And then to justify sleeping with Dean because Lindsay is “not good for him” is such bad girl code.

Running off to Europe because she couldn’t handle Lorelai calling her out

A recurring theme for Rory is that she cannot handle any kind of criticism because of the weird way she’s been constantly praised her entire life.

And when Lorelai rightfully called her out for sleeping with a married man, she ran off to Europe because her mum didn’t throw a massive party she lost her virginity.

Stealing a yacht and going on a self-destructive path just because she got some criticism

Yes it must have been horrible to hear a senior in your dream profession tell you you’re not very good. It would suck and I totally understand being sad and pissed off.

But go on a mad night out, don’t steal a boat, get yourself arrested, quit college and move in with your grandparents, all whilst putting your mother through emotional hell because she worked so hard to get you there and not understanding why she won’t support you.

Her white rich privilege is screaming

There were so many times Rory acted liked a spoilt entitled princess, but quitting Yale just because it wasn’t going her way and being able to just live in her grandparents’ pool house without any awareness of her privilege is nauseating.

Especially when Paris turns up having find out all her parents money has gone and now has to work her arse off, all for Rory being privileged enough to be planning a party for the DAR.

Forgetting she has a boyfriend in the reboot and continues sleeping with her engaged college boyfriend

Sorry but how the hell do you forget that you’re in a relationship? This is classic Rory behaviour, where she thinks the whole world revolves around her. Poor Paul.

Then she continues with her habit of helping her ex boyfriends cheat. If you didn’t want them in the first place don’t go back to them so they cheat on their unassuming partners. Yes Logan looks incredibly fit in the reboot but that’s not enough of a reason.

Turning down a paid job in the hope of getting a fellowship at the New York Times

It is peak Rory Gilmore arrogance to turn down a perfectly good paid job because she thinks she’ll win the New York Times fellowship. And then the cheek of her to go and see if the old job is available before naturally finding out they’d filled the position with someone who appreciated it.

Yes of course we all want to dream big and think well of ourselves, but getting a paid job offer for a career that you actually want to do straight out of college is a luxury so many don’t get.

The tree incident 

Remember that episode where Rory complains that in Yale’s huge campus with all it’s libraries there are no good places for her to study? Her roommates are selfish for doing activities in their own rooms and her mum is unhelpful by getting on with her career by putting broccoli tartlets in her room so she can’t study. The nerve of some people.

So then Rory finds the perfect tree to study under, but then shock horror, someone else sits under it and won’t give it up because funnily enough the world does not revolve around Rory Gilmore.

She throws a tantrum and gives the guy money for the tree. Seriously. This was the episode that ended my admiration for Rory.

Going behind her mum’s back

We’ve all lied to our parents about where we were last night or how much homework we have. But going to your mum’s parents to ask for money when your mum has specifically asked you not to, is below the belt.

And then to do it more than once is so shitty.

She missed out on her mother’s graduation because she was hanging out with Jess

After all Lorelai has done for Rory in her life raising her by herself and getting her into private school, she can’t make her mum’s college graduation because she’s hanging out with a boy in New York.

For a girl so smart she really is stupid and couldn’t think of any other days to make her trip to see Jess?

When she called a ballerina fat in an article

If you have to critique someone’s weight to make a point when writing an article, you’re probably not as good as a journalist you think you are Rory.

The reason she called her fat in the first place is because Doyle said her review wasn’t good enough more than once. So she resorted to just bitching about the ballerina to get Doyle’s approval. Because if you didn’t know, Rory doesn’t take critique well.

Being a pretty shitty friend to Lane

Lane only exists to Rory when she needs something. She picks her up and drops her, when it’s convenient to her.

Especially in the early seasons there were multiple episodes were Lane expressed how hurt her feelings were and Rory just carried on being a shitty friend ignoring her for her boyfriend.

The boring college tour she gave the Chilton student

How did we just know that if Rory was going to be giving a college tour it would be worse than watching paint dry. Even her grandad suggested she do some fun things on the tour.

Don’t make her smell the books you weirdo

But no for nerdy Rory, the highlight of the tour was getting a cappuccino in the campus cafe. Rather than taking the prospective student to a few parties or seeing some of the societies, she shows her the most boring parts of campus. And gets furious when Logan plays that prank in her lecture.

Her entire attitude to her career in the reboot

How has this woman been a journalist for over 10 years and still has no idea how it works? Here are a number of reasons why I’m surprised she still has a career:

1. She sleeps with a source.

2. She thinks she’s entitled to a job after writing one article.

3. She turns up to a job interview with no pitches.

4. She thinks they’re basically going to give her a job and throws a tantrum when they don’t give her one.

5. She gives her pitches over the phone.

6. She complains that Condé Nast aren’t begging her to come work for them.

How she had no idea what normal teenagers do

It was like being averse to normal things teenagers did or wore was her key personality trait. She acted as if she was above all the stuff other kids did.

She didn’t know how to act on dates, wore the weirdest outfits on Spring Break and just generally didn’t have a clue. It’s not funny or cute, it’s plain insufferable

Her whole vibe is incredibly boring

I have nothing against reading, I read just as much as Rory, but c’mon girl go to a party once in a while. In her first week of Yale she doesn’t want to host people and have a party, she just wants to stay in reading.

Her personality is entirely based on how smart and organised she is, she’s so one dimensional. I don’t understand how all those boys fell for her. She is a snooze fest.

And she appears to take some weird pride in being smarter than a lot people.

Her short hair and turtle neck combo

Just no.

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