The votes are in: These are the most cringe unis of them all

It’s the one uni ranking you don’t want to be top of

For as long as man has wondered about the stars and the moon, he has wondered if there was a way to quantify the most cringe uni in the country. As it happens, there is now – asking you to vote.

Over 1,000 of you voted in the poll and we can now reveal the winner.

By a longshot, it’s Durham. The North Eastern collegiate cringetopia took 29 per cent of the vote – nearly double that of second placed Exeter.

In fact, you’ve got a nice top three – Durham, Exeter, and Warwick. The poll results simply confirm the existing consensus that these three unis are just deeply, deeply cringe. Democracy works.

Further down the table, Oxford is officially more cringe than Cambridge. Just three per cent of voters chose Cambridge, compared to Oxford’s eight per cent.

UCL came in as least cringe (of the most cringe unis), an accolade sure to adorn the CV of many an aspiring management consultant.

How did your uni do? Find out below:

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Featured image: Monday Night Bridge, Oxford via Facebook