Breakups, betrayals and a drink throw: Everything we know about the new MIC series

It starts next week!!

Made in Chelsea is back for series 20, yes really, 20. The new season has lots in store for us – including breakups, delayed weddings and of course, lots and lots of arguments.

Some of the classic cast members are back, and there are some new faces on the scene to stir the pot. Here’s everything we know about the new MIC series, which first things first, is going to be full to bursting with drama.

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Series 20 of Made in Chelsea sees a few new faces joining the lineup

Four new faces will be joining the cast for the new series. These are Love Island’s Charlie Frederick and three models: Ruby Adler, Paris Smith and Will Higginson.

Made in Chelsea, series 20, MIC, new, series, 2020, episodes, about, trailer, details, plot, cast

From left to right: Charlie, Ruby, Paris and Will, all photos via Instagram

As well as the newbies, Sam Thompson, Zara McDermott, Olivia Bentley, Melissa Tattam, Tiffany Watson, Harvey Armstrong, James Taylor, Maeva D’Ascanio, Tristan Phipps, Jamie Laing, Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo, Verity Bowditch, Alex Mytton, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Harry Baron, Ollie and Gareth Locke, Fredrik Ferrier and Sophie Hermann are all among the returning cast members.

There’s going to be lots of drama in the new episodes, including breakups and an iconic drink throw

Made in Chelsea, series 20, MIC, new, series, 2020, episodes, about, trailer, details, plot, cast

The trailer for the series reveals a lot about all the drama that’s going to go down in the new episodes. It will cover Tristan and Verity’s lockdown breakup, Ollie Locke’s wedding being delayed and what’s being described as a “huge betrayal” where Sam Thompson and his ex Tiff have been “wanting to meet up a lot” and Tiff has been accused of booty calling him, despite him having moved on with Zara. One argument over it all ends with Olivia Bentley chucking her drink over Sam, classic.

This season sees the cast heading to a luxury country house over the summer, where all the chaos can unfold. It’s going to be a lot. 👀

The series will also reportedly cover the Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson ‘cheating’ scandal

Sam Thompson, Zara McDermott

via Instagram @zara_mcdermott

Made in Chelsea stars Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott recently called it quits on their whirlwind relationship. And as well as their drama with Tiff, it’s been reported that the new series will address the rumours that Zara was cheating on Sam.

It’s been reported that Love Island’s Zara cheated on Sam with “someone in the music industry”, while she was part of The X Factor: Celebrity – which was then later claimed to be music boss, Brahim Fouradi.

A source told The Sun cameras captured everything from the split, and it will all be aired on E4’s Made In Chelsea. They said: “The cameras have captured the whole fallout of Zara and Sam’s dramatic split. It means viewers will get to see the raw emotion caused by Zara’s infidelity last year, as Sam tries to come to terms with what has happened.”

They added that Zara is “fighting for Sam back” and that there’s going to be “a lot of tears”.

The start date for Made in Chelsea series 20 is next week

If you want all that drama now (same), you’ll be pleased to know that the new MIC series kicks off very soon. It starts on Monday 28th September 2020 in the usual slot of 9pm on E4.

The description for the first episode reads: “The reality show returns and some of the gang are off to the country for a summer of luxury, laughter and mayhem, where they are joined by a few new faces.”

Watch the trailer for Made in Chelsea series 20 here:

Made in Chelsea series 20 starts on September 28th on E4. 

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