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Quiz: Can you guess the TV show by just one room’s furniture?

Some of these you should recognise a mile off

Parts of some iconic TV shows become etched on your brain forever. You can remember the iconic characters, the storylines, the costumes and even some of the more obscure characters for the rest of your life, and recall them like you watched it all yesterday. But, this quiz is about seeing if you can you go as far as to remembering the furniture from a TV show.

HouseholdQuotes has designed a new set of minimalist posters featuring the furniture – yes, just the furniture – from some of our favourite television classics. These are the unforgettable pieces and home design combos that form the backdrop to some of the shows we’ve all be loving for years. Some of them are legendary family lounges, pubs where it all kicks off, or the offices where all the drama happens. All you have to do is match the show to the poster. Easy, right?

See if you can match the TV show to the furniture in the quiz below:

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All pictures via HouseholdQuotes.