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If you really know your iconic 00s films, prove it by scoring 10/12 in this quiz

Get in, loser

Iconic 00s films made us the people we are today. There’s no denying a lot of us grew up wanting to reach the high heights of Elle Woods’ career and wondering what we’d be like as part of The Plastics, when low key we were actually all cringe-worthy clones of the tragic trials of tribulations of Georgia Nicholson. But how well do you remember the films which shaped us? This 00s film quiz is about to tell you.

There was nothing better than the days when you had not a care in the world, and your biggest decision was which film to get for your Friday night sleepover and which popcorn you were craving the most. No better Sunday was had than those curled up in your duvet watching Wildchild for the 100th time, or playing Mean Girls as you spoke the quotes over it, or still getting shocked at Annabelle Fritton’s makeover scene in St Trinian’s.

So it’s time to put your nostalgic hat on and travel back to the good ol’ days, if you remember them well (or are still living them today, cause to be honest same), you’ll score at least 10/12.

Test your 00s film knowledge in the quiz below:

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