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Only a real Britney Spears fan can get 10/13 in this ultimate trivia quiz

You better work, bitch

You know what it totally toxic? That not everyone in the world identifies as being a slave 4 Britney Spears. Honestly, I would die for her, it’s outrageous. I can help the way I feel, for my life has just been so overprotected. If you get full marks on this Britney Spears trivia quiz, we’re probably on the same wavelength.

Is there a special place in your brain reserved for Britney Spears lyrics so that no matter how long it’s been since you last heard a song, you’ll still know every word? Did you have every single album and keep them on a CD rack next to your silver CD player in your early 00s bedroom? Have you always wanted to be part of the Mickey Mouse club? Would you probably still wear low cut jeans, a crop top and hair scrunchies if the world wouldn’t stare at you? Same hun, same.

This Britney Spears trivia quiz is about to drive you so crazy, you just can’t speak. I’m done with the lyric puns now, I promise. You can just do the quiz now.

Test whether you’re a true Britney Spears fan in this trivia quiz:

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