QUIZ: Can you match the artist to their noughties banger?

This is a Daniel Bedingfield fandom safe space

Noughties artists are easily some of the more vilified musicians in history. They don’t have the cool image that being an artist from the 70s or 80s lends you, nor do they have the pleasure of being a modern artist that still has bucketfulls of fame and popularity. Nope, their names are synonymous with cheesy anthems, depressing school discos and guilty pleasure tunes more guilty than pleasurable. Sorry, Black Eyed Peas!

However, whatever you think of these artists and their musical backlog, you can’t run away from the fact that the vast majority will be permanently burnt into your brain forevermore, and we’re about to put that to the test. All you must do is match the noughties artist with the title of their most notable song from that period. Go!

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