Meet Tamara Francesconi: Ed Westwick’s new South African girlfriend

Of course she’s a South African-Italian model

Lets not beat around the bush. We all know exactly who Ed Westwick is, he’s the sexy Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. Anyone who doesn’t want to be him, want to be with him. Tamara Francesconi, is the one lucky girl to grab Ed’s attention.

Originally from South Africa, with Italian parents, Tamara has moved to LA but still sticks to her roots by going on lavish holidays abroad to South Africa or Italy with Ed. Here is everything you possibly need to know about this South African-Italian goddess.

Her name is cool as fuck

23-year-old Tamara Francesconi was born with the best name EVER on May 19 1996. I’m so jealous of her name, but what do you expect if you’re born in South-Africa and reside in both LA and New York. This girl is really out here living the dream – Ed Westiwck, stylish name and homes in multiple amazing places. I wanna be her. So. Bad.

Her fame comes from being Ed’s girlfriend

This is understandable, Ed has over 7 million followers on Instagram and was a sex symbol for one of the biggest shows. Of course people are going to find out who Tamara is.

The couple actually started dating back in October 2019. They were spotted having lunch with Ed’s mum in Hollywood. I hope Ed didn’t bring his mum to their first date, that’s not very sexy.

A source told The Sun that Tamara feels strongly towards Ed. They revealed: “Tamara’s head over heels with him and Ed is proud to tell everyone Tamara is his girlfriend. His friends and family all approve and think they’re a great match.”

She has 288k Instagram followers

I’m not going to lie, I was expecting her to have more. Not that 288k isn’t a lot but to me I just thought she’d have closer to a million.  She posts quite frequently on Instagram and her feed is very aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention she’s so attractive it actually hurts.

The couple go on holiday – like a lot

Recently the couple went away to a Greek Island and stayed at a five star resort in Ios. Also back in July they went holidaying on the Amalfi Coast. They’ll often take weekend trips to small islands too.

Earlier this year they went to South Africa together which they documented on Instagram.

She is a Law and Communications graduate

What this tells us is that Tamara has beauty and brains, Ed you’re so lucky. She graduated Varsity College with a BA in Law and Communications.

She then went on to pursue a career in modelling for fashion shows and photo shoots.  At first she was represented by Ice Models Cape Town but has since been signed by Zone models and Wilhelmina Models.

There are fanpage Instagram accounts for her

One of them even made a video edit of Ed Westwick and Tamara’s holiday and another edit of their couple photos. You know you’ve made it when someone sets up an Insta fan account.

The fact she wears PLT clothing is humbling

You’d think that she wears extravagant clothing – which I am sure she does. But, she also wears a lot of Pretty Little Thing and she tags them in her pictures.

We’re not certain how she’s affiliated with the brand because there isn’t any sign of it being an ad.

She has posted a pic at Hampstead Heath Ponds and it’s iconic

Imagine going to Hampstead Heath ponds and seeing this couple posing together.

Like everyone, she loves a posey Insta pic

Who doesn’t love a posey Instagram pic? Tamara Francesconi definitely does and she takes the best ones. She took this one when her and Ed visited Lake Como for the weekend late August.

Featured image credit: Instagram @tamfrancesconi

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