Calling all Robert Sheehan fans: All five series of Misfits are coming to Netflix

Set your clocks for September

For those that have already rinsed The Umbrella Academy in its entirety, you’ll be glad to hear that won’t have to wait long until next fix of Robert Sheehan, because Netflix has just announced that they’ll be releasing all five seasons of Misfits for our viewing pleasure.

Exclusive to Netflix UK, every episode will be available to watch on 15th September, and we’re absolutely buzzing to check in with the criminal kids of the community centre once again.

Sheehan, who left the show at the beginning of its third series, got good training for the role of Klaus by appearing as Nathan, one of the show’s most popular characters who literally couldn’t do anything but tell nasty jokes and get in trouble.

Sheehan recently spoke out about the series, saying that he wouldn’t do another series of the show: “It’s slightly troublesome, all your ‘nostalgia culture’ [and] the past looming larger than the future all the time. You know, old Oscar Wilde goes ‘Life unchanged, his life wasted’ – I might be paraphrasing. We’ve all moved on and it’s been over 10 years.”

He continued by comparing Klaus and Nathan as characters: “Nathan has always remained the same person. Whereas Klaus is sort of in a constant state of change, because he has absolutely no idea who he is. But both have similar coping mechanisms with life. They both play around emotionally with how they’re meant to be feeling.”

So it doesn’t look like we’re going to be seeing Sheehan reprise his role as Nathan any time soon. Sorry.


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