Ranked: How long students from your uni actually spend studying at home

Unsure if your eight hour Don’t Tell The Bride study break counts towards this

The bedroom is the new library – not just because some people delight in falling asleep there, but because there’s no other place to study now. And with that, come all the classic boasts about just how much time you’re spending hunched over your laptop trying to make sense of lecture slides that weren’t accompanied by a lecture.

But how long are students at your uni actually spending working in their rooms?

Underdogs York spend longer studying at home than students at Oxford do. Of course, this is probably explained by the fact Oxford’s libraries, looking as they do like Hogwarts, are a smidge more appealing than the rejected spaceships dotting York’s campus. You’d stay home, wouldn’t you.

Newcastle and Belfast students spend the least time studying at home, according to Natwest, perhaps because it’s impossible to be in a Jesmond or Holylands student gaff and be more than two metres away from a very large speaker.

How does your uni compare? Find out below:

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