The votes are in: It’s time to meet the UK’s biggest BNOC of all

We’re unsure if this is a good one to put on the CV

Everyone knows a BNOC. That’s kind of the point. And while they come in all different flavours – the charming overachiever, the perma-hungover hot mess, the straight-up legend – there must be one single BNOC who is bigger than them all.

To find this out, we put them to the test, competing against each other in a contest of the country’s biggest BNOC of them all.

And, with the votes in, we can now reveal the biggest BNOC in the country: Sussex’s very own Maïa Madani Davies.

In a close run race, Maïa beat out BNOCs from Exeter, Edinburgh, York (?) and beyond, getting nearly 30 per cent of the overall vote.

With her entry boasting a nine-week stint at Pryzm Wednesdays and an impromptu trip to Sweden after a night out, Maïa’s victory looks inevitable with hindsight. But Maïa stays humble: “I didn’t expect to win.”

In fact, she goes further: “I’m still not quite sure what a BNOC entails because not everyone will know each other on campus.”

The Economics and International Development fresher is a busy bee around campus – her arrival on the women’s Tennis first team coincided with their promotion to the first division of BUCS, and she’s the Academic Events Coordinator for Sussex’s Economics society. If you want to catch a glimpse of greatness on campus, Maïa splits her time between “Falmer Bar and Library Square for sure”.

What’s Maïa’s secret to becoming the biggest of the big names? “I have good groups of close friends and we do go out a considerable amount, to different clubs and parties with fair bit of drama or something eventful happening,” Maïa told The Tab.

“Thanks for voting and adding yet another accolade for the LinkedIn and, who knows, perhaps a Goldman Sachs internship next? But jokes aside thank you for voting because anyone else I was up against could’ve easily won.”

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