Amber Gill was originally meant to come on Love Island later as a bombshell

Her contract changed days before she entered the villa

Amber Gill was originally meant to enter the Love Island villa as a bombshell, but her contract was changed at the last minute, it has been revealed.

Producers tried to convince Amber to be a bombshell, but she kept persisting as she’s “not the type to steal someone’s man”.

The bombshell contestants are the producers’ cruel method of spicing things up in the villa: you’re nice and secure in a happy couple and then suddenly someone ten times fitter, funnier, and way more successful than you just strolls in and steals whoever you’re coupled up with. It’s brilliant.


The 21-year-old Geordie revealed all on Fleur East’s podcast called the Reality of Reality TV saying: “When I got called into the UK, they were, like, oh, we want you to be a bombshell.

“I was like, no, I don’t want to do that. They were, like, no, no, it’s great, being a bombshell’s great. You’ll have such an impact on the show.”

Amber went on to say why she haggled her offer with the producers to get what she wanted, telling Fleur: “Me personally, I’m not the type to steal someone’s man or be really confident and going in and be, like, I like him, like that’s just not me.

“But my auntie was like, ‘look, this opportunity isn’t going to come around often, just go.'”

Amber went on to recall the moment her contract was suddenly changed: “I went and then halfway through the lockdown in Spain, the execs all come in unannounced to my villa and are, like, right, we’re going to change your contract around a little bit… we want you to go in as an original.”

If the producers hadn’t changed her contract and she’d settled on being a bombshell in the show, Amber laughed on the podcast at how much of a terrible bombshell she would’ve been.

“Looking back now, I would have been the worst bombshell in history because I would have walked in and be like, ‘no, I don’t like any of these guys’,” she said.

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Amber split with fellow winner Greg O’Shea just 36 days after leaving the villa but has since started advertising Maybelline and Superdrug on her Instagram and has a YouTube channel with 97.7k subscribers as of today. Good move Amber, good move.

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