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A bunch of witches on TikTok tried to hex the moon and the memes are exquisite

Bruh, they really hexed the MOON!?!

A bunch of “baby witches” on TikTok have taken it upon themselves to hex the moon and honestly, I’m not mad about it. Witches hexing the moon have inspired a whole catalogue of memes that I’ve been feeding off for days and I’m still not full. But first, let’s explain: You may have logged onto Twitter this week and seen a bunch of tweets about witches hexing the moon. Maybe you scrolled past absent mindedly, maybe a hexed moon doesn’t bother you (how different can a hexed moon be to a regular moon?), but chances are you’re pretty confused. Let’s walk through it real quick before we get to the memes.

What does hexing the moon mean?

First off, if you’re wondering “what is hexing?” then let’s resolve that. Hexing is literally just casting a spell on something, or bewitching it. Hexing is usually a negative spell, where witches cast a stream of bad energy at a subject of choice… say, the moon, for example. These TikTok witches haven’t just set their sights on the moon. They have also attempted to hex the fae (or “fairy folk” aka the creatures fairies are based on) and their next target is the sun. Go hard or go home I guess, but there’s definitely an Icarus type situation on its way, I can smell it.

Why are witches hexing the moon? Of all things?

The moon is incredibly important to witches. It fuels their spells and power. But hexing is a negative thing, so pissing off the moon is probably… not a good idea? For witches? Or anyone? Exactly. Fellow witches are PISSED at these “baby witches” for hexing the moon, as they’ve apparently pissed off Artemis (God of the moon) and her brother, Apollo (God of the sun). Witches are livid because these inexperienced “baby witches” have got a bit hex happy with the sister of the sun god, who controls health and wellbeing, during a global pandemic. God knows why the sun controls the pandemic or the moon was hexed in the first place but one thing’s for sure: the witch community are aggy.

Let’s calm down from all the madness with some nice moon hex memes, shall we?

Yes, let’s.

1. When you’re just trying to understand

2. Men do not take kindly to witchcraft, history would suggest

3. That seems bout right

4. Witches are very protective of the moon, I’m learning

5. This is truly worth the read you will not regret it

6. This isn’t a meme I just think it’s funny

7. Shane-Moonson-apology-template.jpeg

8. I feel this

9. Bunch of binches I tell ya

10. To make matters worse: Egg man

11. Oceans 14

Because the moon controls the tide and the Oceans movies are about stealing. Get it?

Get it?

12. Yeah truly this shit is getting ridonkulus now

13. This might be the whitest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m white

14. Level up

15. She’s upset

16. You take the moon and you take the moon and you

17. Babe, no listen, babe, these witches hexing the moon are legit, babe I swear

18. Unless…

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