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Quiz: Which of the Clueless girls are you actually?

How do I become all three?

Clueless is perhaps the most iconic teen movie of all time. It’s just celebrated it’s 25th birthday and a quarter of a century on I’m still very much obsessed with the most fashionable trio in history.

Cher, Dionne and Tai have it all – style, brains and huge disposable incomes. Who wouldn’t want to be like these three? Except despite their Beverly Hills ways they are all actually quite different. Cher is the organiser and humanitarian of the group, Dionne is the most stylish (don’t fight me on that) and Tai has been known to be a messy drama queen.

But which one are you most like? Everything from the type of boy you fancy to where you shop determines which of the girls you’re most like. Will you be sweet and naive like Cher? Take no shit like Dionne? Or partial to a herbal refreshment like Tai?

Take this Clueless character quiz to find out which of the girls you are really:

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