I can’t be the only person on this planet who finds Will Ferrell painfully unfunny

The Catalina Wine Mixer haha 😜😜😜

Will Ferrell is not funny. Will Ferrell has never been funny. Will Ferrell will never be funny.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this. I can’t be. There’s nothing worse than hanging out with mates and someone suggesting putting on Step Brothers or something similarly dreadful – this is throw-the-entire-friendship-group-in-the-bin levels of fuckery. True, a film like Elf doesn’t necessarily make one want to take a cheese grater to the brain, just as the Eurovision film was unexpectedly good fun but, in the nicest way possible – they’re not far off.

Seriously, what is it with this guy that makes normie lads go absolutely fucking nuts? Whether it’s Ferrell’s constant repetition of criminally unfunny catchphrases, or his reliance on crass immaturity and petulant silliness to rake in the laughs over genuinely intelligent and well-written humour, his comedy is exclusively for the lowest common denominator.

Look, when anyone openly admits they love Will Ferrell films it just screams baaaad energy, and I’m going to justify this for you now.

He is an oversized CHILD

Childish is his middle name. It’s actually William (haha), but really. His whole shtick is based upon just acting like a literal infant – think of all of the talented actors that never got their shot because of this doofus.


He’s only perceivably funny because he surrounds himself with talent

Remember in Bewitched (a shocker of a film) when he requests for Nicole Kidman’s character to act alongside him because she isn’t a star and he can steal the show? There is such irony in this, because Ferrell does the exact opposite with every film he appears in in real life.

He is the worst part of every film he shows up in, which makes films where he’s the main character even more painful.

“Okay, but Elf is funny!”

Same as above! Elf is a great concept for a Christmas film. Elf is written seriously well. Elf has a great supporting cast with some impressive CVs.

Put another comedy actor in this film and it would be 10 times funnier. Again, it’s classic juvenile Will being in the right place at the right time, being held up by either a great story or a great cast.

Let’s not even talk about SNL

Because this clip does all the talking.

Sorry, but his fans are just as awful

The fervent catchphrasing really ought to make us collectively weep for the death of American comedy. Hehe, here’s some top kek for the TL: “60 per cent of the time, it works every time.” WTF HAHAHAHA THIS IS GREAT BANTER I WANT TO KILL MYSELF!

Serious 14-year-old humour.

Never has he made a good attempt to break out of his standard roles

Go on, try and tell me all about how Everything Must Go or Winter Passing are different roles, and then tell me how often those films get put on when you’ve got the shitblokes™ round the gaff? Or better still, let’s put together a list of films that his “silly” contemporaries have appeared in:

Robin Williams – Good Will Hunting, Mrs Doubtfire

Jim Carrey – Eternal Sunshine, The Truman Show

Adam Sandler – Uncut Gems, Punch Drunk Love

You can use interjections of silliness and still make something with real depth, meaning and acclaim. What’s stopped Ferrell from doing that?

Oh, and everything that comes out of his mouth is spoken in the same way

Every joke he’s ever told could be played at the same time, and there’d hardly be any irregularity in pitch due to the EXACT same delivery.

Every joke fundamentally has the same skeleton

The classic slapstick of him running around the carousel or eating a mound of spaghetti in elf is just so… urgh. Try something different for once, Will. Toilet humour and balls are not cutting it anymore.

Anchorman and Step Brothers are practically carbon copies of each other

And his childlike acting is a constant in these, including Elf, but you aren’t ready for the article entirely based upon that yet.

He’s so forced with everything he does

Play it awkward in a comedic way is the one thing in performing arts that is very difficult to do. It’s actually very hard to pull off convincingly without coming across as too forced, but Ferrell, despite his years in the film industry, still manages.

Screaming and anger ≠ comedy

Seriously, it’s like some audiences seem to think that as soon as someone raises their voice and behaves in an unnecessarily melodramatic manner, it’s considered funny.

Trust me when I say this – Googling “Will Ferrell movie quotes” will show you more exclamation marks than you’ve ever seen in your life.

Anyone that appeared in this video deserves to be RINSED

Where’s the lie?

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