These 37 memes about 365 Days on Netflix are even wilder than the film itself

Are you lost baby girl?


Netflix’s latest movie offering is 365 Days – and wow, just wow. How to describe it? It’s… a lot? But also… a little? There is such little plot but also so much at the same time. The 365 Days memes prove that none of us know what just happened in that two hours of our lives.

The thriller film is basically all about a guy in the mafia who kidnaps the girl he’s always dreamed about and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. The rest is just sex. But none of us can quite get over it. Let’s take a second to remind ourselves of *that* yacht scene, Massimo saying “are you lost baby girl?” all the time and don’t even get me started on the ending. Where did that even come from?

Here are all the best memes reacting to the turbulent rollercoaster that is 365 Days on Netflix. Buckle up.

1. I’ll wait patiently x

2. Awfully, awfully lost

3. A shame really

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5. Life isn’t fair

6. Stunning x

7. And that’s the tweet

8. STOP. IT.

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9. Why was she even running lmao

10. Seriously can Netflix calm down???

11. My jaw was on the floor throughout

12. Pretty much

13. Sigh

14. Pls come soon xxx lol xxx

15. Seriously though, what did I just watch?

16. I’m cringing so hard help

17. Ok then !!!!


19. Lmao boy, bye

20. WooAHH oKkkK 😬

365 Days, 365 DNI, Netflix, film, movie, memes, meme, reaction, Twitter, yacht, boat, scene

21. But I like it x

22. I will forever be shook

23. A moment of silence please

24. He started to SEDUCE ME

25. Ok this was extreme

26. Interesting x

27. Why do I never hear it :/ x

28. We all need JESUS

29. BYE MOM!!!

30. Who? Me??

31. Seriously what was that all about?

32. Just pondering over it x

33. Christian who?

34. Just wanna chat x

35. I’m not around for the next 3-5 working days

36. Why was this all I could think about?

37. The sad, sad truth

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