Sorry but why do boys always use these 31 phrases when they’re ‘apologising’?

‘You’re literally starting for no reason’

Ever had an argument with a boy you’re seeing? Then you will most likely be familiar with the following phrases – “I don’t know what you want me to say”, “I literally never said that but ok” and “Can’t do anything right can I?”. These phrases are engrained in their brains ready to fire at any sign of being called out.

From cheating to turning up late, they’ve messed up and you’d like an apology – which they seem incapable of giving. Though they use many words that sound like an apology, there’s always a “but” and it’s hardly ever sincere.

Now before my DMs fill up with haters, it’s not all boys that don’t know how to give a decent apology. It’s just that all girls will have encountered a guy who religiously uses some of these phrases to avoid an apology and place the blame on the girl.

A video on TikTok asked people to make the comments section sound like a boy giving an apology.

And my god were there a lot of responses. These are some of the phrases boys always use when they’re “apologising”. Girls, if you have a boy using any of these phrases please dump him immediately:

1. I dunno what u want me to say.

An apology? An explanation? Anything really other than what you just said.

2. Aha fairs x.

No, that is not how you say sorry.

3. Not true but believe what you want.

You would make a terrible lawyer.

4. You still in a mood?

I wasn’t until you asked me that question and now I’m doubly pissed off.

5. I literally never said that but ok x.

Sorry that x is helping no one. And you did say that – I have the receipts.

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6. Calm down, it’s literally not that big of a deal.

Actually to me it is, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought it up.

7. You’re literally starting for no reason.

Oh yes I forgot I enjoy arguing for no reason whatsoever.

8. I’m sorry you took it that way.

You should be, what you said/did was fucked up and you saying that’s not “how it was meant” doesn’t get you out of this.

9. You’re just putting words in my mouth.

No unfortunately you actually said that.

10. Sorry you’re mad, anyway going to sleep x.

Ladies, dump any man that is going to go to bed rather than deal with problems.

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11. Break up with me then if I’m so bad.

Believe me I am.

12. *opened.

Fair enough.

13. Are we still talking about this? I thought you got over it smh.

Despite what men believe, we don’t actually enjoy arguing, we appreciate having our concerns listened to.

14. If it helps you sleep at night then.

It doesn’t help me sleep, hence why I brought it up.

15. So you’re not trusting me?


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16. I’m sorry you felt like that, but it really wasn’t like that.

Well it was to me.

17. But I was drunk.

Again, dump any man that blames his behaviour on alcohol.

18. It’s just gonna cause an argument if we talk about it so forget it.

Really no chance of me forgetting about it now.

19. That’s not cheating but whatever you say.

So it is cheating?

20. Can’t do anything right can I.

I’m glad you’ve noticed.

21. Was never my intention, you know how I feel about you.

God I really hate this one. So twisted, designed to make you forget what they did.

via ITV2

22. It’s just what boys do when they’re with their mates.

I don’t want to be around you or your mates then.

23. Yeah but at least I didn’t do this (equally bad thing).

Lol that is not a valid excuse, when will they learn?

24. I don’t really see what I did wrong ngl.

If you let me finish you’ll find out.

25. Sorry…you’re overreacting tho.

That is not how do an apology.

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26. I don’t know how to respond to that.

Well think of something.

27. Lol someone’s on their period.

I’m out.

28. Right I’m sorry, but you were the one that.

An apology isn’t an apology if it’s followed by a “but”.

29. I’m not allowed to have a conversation with someone?

I don’t have the patience to explain this one.

30. I just think it’s funny how you’ve reacted.

Oh yeah, it’s fucking hilarious.

31. You done?

Yeah now I’m done.

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