If you’re white, gay and don’t support Black Lives Matter you’re a hypocrite

The LGBT+ community would be nothing without queer black people


Pride month is upon us, but it has come at a time where Black Lives Matter protests are reaching its peak in America as the black community grow tired of yet ANOTHER white policeman abusing his power. Non-white and white allies alike have spent their days protesting, signing petitions, and sharing posts on social media while also speaking out on how white people can use their privilege to help the issue of racism. Yet many white LGBTQ+ people, especially the males, haven’t done their part and given everything the black members of the community have accomplished for gay rights and everything they go through inside and outside the community on a daily basis. It’s about time white queer people stopped being silent, started using their voice, stepped up and helped sort the problem too.

I’d like to start off by saying, having a black friend isn’t enough to make you not racist, let’s just put that out there now so you can stop using your black friends as a scape goat for your actions. I’d also like to point out that not all white gay men are the same and I have seen many, including my own friends, make a point of showing their support.

However, as a black gay male myself I am appalled there is still a significant number of white people not doing anything to help speak out about the situation happening now or against racism within the community as a whole. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to be apart of such a loving care-free community as it has helped me find myself and be comfortable with my sexuality, but the community is filled with internalised racism.

If you don’t know what internalised racism is, then allow me to shed some light on the subject. It’s a form of oppression that allows a hierarchy where whites are held above blacks and other races. If you think it doesn’t exist then let me guess, you’re white right? Myself and others are sick and tired of opening Grindr and Tinder to see “I don’t date black guys” or “no blacks”. It shocks me I can sit there and have someone tell me I’m not their type purely on the basis of the colour of my skin. Listen, I completely understand that people might have a preference or a type but going out of your way to make a statement saying that you do not date a particular skin colour is honestly? Racist. And that’s on PERIODT!

Can we also just take a minute to stop and look around at how much progress we have made with regards to LGBTQ+ rights and acknowledge that it wouldn’t have been possible without black queer people? Namely the three lesbian and trans women of colour Marsha P. Johnson, Stormé Delarverie and Sylvia Rivera.

As members of the LGBTQ+ community it’s important we educate ourselves and speak out on matters such as the Black Lives Matter movement as it’s beyond hypocritical you can enjoy the freedom you have without giving something back to the people who started it all. It shocks me that so many people within the gay community can speak about wanting straight allies for Pride month yet they can’t even show their alliance with their black brothers and sisters.

I am black, but I am light-skinned and I feel it’s important I use my light skin privilege to speak on these matters as even though I have experienced racism, I can say with confidence yet pain that I am in a much better position than some of my darker skinned black friends. To those of you even lighter than me, use your platform. Now is the time to speak, now is the time to act. If you’re not acting or speaking, then you are unfortunately succumbing to society’s system of inherent racism and it’s not cute.

Change your ways, for yourself, for others, for your friends, for your future.

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